‘Welcome To Plathville’ Fans Slam Olivia Plath

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Not all is well in Plathville. In fact, fans are slamming Olivia for being toxic and manipulative. Keep reading for news on Welcome to Plathville.

Welcome to Plathville fans slam Olivia

There has been a lot of drama going around Olivia and Ethan Plath. In Season 2, they talked about how divorce was on the table. There was some tension but it was nothing the couple couldn’t get through. Finally, they decided to move and everything seemed to end on a pleasant note.

However, things have taken a turn for the worst on this new season. It seems Olivia Plath and Ethan Plath may end up getting a divorce. Ethan even says that they have talked about this before.

“But sometimes when you hear from the person you’re in a relationship with, that we may just not be right for each other, after hearing that, you wonder if its in your power to make it work,” Ethan said on Welcome to Plathville.

Through all of this, Olivia has been very open with her mental health. She won’t see Ethan’s parents because of her mental health and she wants to move for her mental health. However, some think that she is just using this as a manipulation technique. Tweets were not in Olivia’s favor The Sun says.

“This bending for Olivia stuff is gross. It’s not for her mental health, it’s a manipulation tactic.” one person says.

“Olivia… after manipulating/ridiculing Ethan for not changing.. He threw away his whole life he knew all because of her! Now victimizing herself because she can’t meet him halfway to not move to a big city?!? Honey, heroine addicts can’t even go cold turkey like that,” another writes.

Ethan says Olivia has changed

The episode this week got pretty heated when Ethan told Olivia that she has changed and that’s why they are in this place.

Ethan told Olivia, “You were the one that changed. You changed completely from who you were when I married you.”

Olivia notes that she has changed, but these changes are to be expected. Ethan and Olivia got married so young, they may be growing apart now.

Olivia says she is scared Ethan is getting to the point of no longer being able to accept Olivia because of all of her changes.

Have you been watching the new season of Welcome to Plathville? What do you think will happen to the couple. Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite TLC stars.

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  1. Marriage is a give and take. Ethan has cut ties with his parents because Olivia does not get along with them and that has caused him heartache because he doesn’t see his siblings but Olivia only wants what she wants. She told Moriah she wants to play in her band but she doesn’t want to see her parents so now Moriah already told her mother that there was another player but won’t mention Olivia. She’s very manipulative and insists doing things her way. I see a split eventually

  2. Somebody needs to wake you can up to what kind of manipulative controlling immature person Olivia Yes I don’t agree with Christian fundamentalism but I believe that parents have the right to set the tone for their children’s development and no one has a right to interfere which Ethan’s wife has why can’t Ethan see that although his parents may have been mistaken about their conservatism they never set out to hurt Olivia Olivia set out to hurt them and has been on a vendetta ever since cents. Ethan almost assaulted his father who is just trying to keep the peace and he’s fed up with Olivia rightfully so. Ethan is it all because he never stood up to Olivia and let her thoughts be his. Because with Olivia it’s her way or the highway. Where are Olivia’s parents and what do they think about her

  3. Olivia Grow Up!!!!!!!! You make me sick. Please move off the show….Life is not about Baby Olivia…Ethan You Need To Find A Girl Who Isn’t Selfish or Selfcentered

  4. The parents on the show love their children and have every right to set boundaries for all their children, whether living in or out of their home. Olivia and the parents have had a strained relationship since the show first aired. When the family gathered at a local restaurant in the first season, Olivia and Ethan ordered beer, which they knew would upset the parents. Because of that, and I imagine other similar decisions that Olivia and Ethan chose, the parents decided that they didn’t want Olivia and Ethan around their children when they were not home. Shortly after the parents went for a short trip to the beach, they told Olivia and Ethan to not go to their house while they were gone. After they left Ethan & Olivia ignored the boundaries that were set and deliberately set about choosing activities with the children that they knew were not acceptable to Kim & Barry. Predictably, when the parents came home, they were upset. Olivia and Ethan were enraged that the parents had to be present when they visited with the children who were living at home From then on the problems between Olivia & Ethan and his parents escalated. The young couple seems to have forgotten that the choices that they made were the reason those boundaries were set. Now on the third season, Olivia is constantly referring to her boundaries and how they must be respected. Most recently she was upset that Kim had the audacity to come to Moriah’s concert.
    Olivia is manipulative and selfish and is set on causing chaos and division among the Plath family.
    By the way, what is Olivia’s relationship with her family?

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