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Pieper James Updates ‘BIP’ Fans On Brendan Morais Relationship

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Finally! Pieper James and Brendan Morais’s time on Bachelor in Paradise has ended. Fans have been angry over their conversations and how both have acted. It didn’t help that fans knew before the show aired that the two were dating. Rumors and photos were flying that Pieper and Brendan were a couple. In fact, when she arrived in Mexico she went straight to him with a date card. It’s been a wild ride since Pieper made her debut in Mexico. Now, the two have finally departed Mexico and she’s giving fans an update on how their relationship is post-show.

Pieper James with relationship update with Brendan Morais following BIP exit

US Weekly spoke with Pieper and asked how things were going with Brendan following their exit from the beach. Pieper said, “We’re working through things.” She continued, “This obviously isn’t something that’s super healthy for a relationship either, so it kind of is what it is. Every day, [we’re] taking it day by day.”

The two did not look happy as they drove away from the resort Tuesday night. Both have suffered the consequences of reportedly being on the show for clout and to gain followers. It all backfired on them. Pieper and Brendan have lost thousands of followers. In fact, Brendan is almost down 100k followers from where he began.

Pieper went to Instagram following Tuesday’s show to say the following. She said, “As my time in paradise concludes, I would like to clear up one final point of contention. Amidst everything that’s been happening on and off screen. Brendan and I were not in an exclusive relationship in any capacity before filming.”

However, even on screen the Brendan seemingly admitted the two planned to reunite in Paradise. So, is she telling the truth? Most do not believe her.

Pieper had also said of her BIP experience, “I had no idea what I was walking into. Obviously, [if] you like somebody, you hope that they’re waiting for you, but you don’t know the circumstances when you walk into Paradise. So, whatever he had to do beforehand, that had nothing to do with me. I didn’t tell him to do anything, so that was kind of what it was.”

It will be interesting to see if these two stay together or go their separate ways.

Why she didn’t lose more followers

An interesting theory about why Pieper didn’t lose more followers has also surfaced. A fan who works in marketing shared some interesting facts about Pieper’s followers. She dug around a little and found out that it appears the majority of her followers are not to be trusted. A TikTok was even made to explain it all.

The biggest downfall of it all? Pieper and Brendan both hurt Natasha Parker. Fans were disgusted at how she was treated.

What do you think about it all?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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