Was Kim Kardashian Really Under That Mask? Some Don’t Think So

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Kim Kardashian recently attended the Met Gala in a very interesting outfit. Some fans think maybe it isn’t actually her under the mask.

Was Kim Kardashian actually at the Met?

Kim Kardashian and a Kanye West look alike attended the Met Gala the other night together. The Kanye dupe was actually a designer from Balenciaga. However, the stance and shape of this person was the same as Kim’s ex-husband. Now fans are taking this a step further. One person on TikTok thinks maybe it wasn’t Kim Kardashian under her mask either.

Honestly, who’s to say Kim really was in that outfit? A Tiktok user reveals her thoughts that Kim K. wasn’t actually wearing that dress. For starters, she says Kim’s nose and the nose of the woman in the dress do not match.

Of course, she has posted about the outfit on her Instagram but one person in the comments of the video notes that Kim does have body doubles for try ons that she can’t attend.

“I thought the same thing about the nose – also she has body doubles for try on’s Google it.”

She totally could’ve been faking it. Some others in the comments agree with this.

“That isn’t Kim,” one person writes.

“These noses do not look the same,” another adds.

“Agree don’t feel like it’s her,” someone agrees.



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Could it be true?

While this may all sound crazy, the Tiktoker brings up some more interesting points. Kim has been pretty weird lately. Almost all of her looks have been covering her face. Is the limelight finally too much for the star?

She also removed her Instagram profile picture and recently posted “I feel my angels with me.” Looking at her Instagram profile, everything of Kim’s is totally black in theme.

It seems Kim Kardahsian may be going through some sort of phase. Or perhaps, this is all a part of her rebrand. She is rebranding some of her products to reflect this new stage in her life. It will be interesting to see if she ends up sticking with this all-black, very dramatic theme. Or, opting to stick with her nude color pallet. This post Kanye-West era seems to be really changing Kim Kardashian’s life a lot.

Do you think Kim K. was under the Met Gala look? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite former Keeping up with the Kardashians stars.

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