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‘General Hospital’ Gives Sweet Farewell To Jordan Ashford As Briana Henry Exits

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Over the past few episodes of General Hospital, viewers watched as Jordan, Curtis, and Portia crossed paths while investigating separate leads. Jordan and Portia ended up locked in the house’s basement with the gas turned on, and Curtis saved the day. Jordan survived, but the fact she already had lost a kidney put her health at significant risk. The GH team sent her to a separate facility for further treatment, leaving fans wondering if this was the last they’d see of her.

Briana Henry Opens Up About Her General Hospital Departure

After her last episode aired, Briana Henry took to Instagram to acknowledge her exit as Jordan. Indeed, Henry has wrapped her time on the show. However, clearly the writers left the door open for a potential return or recast down the road. As General Hospital fans know, Henry came in as a recast when Vinessa Antoine left for a Canadian primetime series.

“As I celebrated my third year of being on General Hospital yesterday, I also watched my last episode as Jordan Ashford aired,” Henry wrote. She added, “it wasn’t until yesterday that it really sank in, as I watched Jordan’s goodbye to her family and knew the tears you saw were real tears between not just colleagues but friends.”

According to her post, Henry was the one who initiated Jordan’s exit. She explained she had decided it was time to move on to try new things. As she wrapped her time on the set, she felt “nothing but love and support from everyone involved.”

Henry Received ‘So Much Love’

Henry had her work cut out for her when she stepped in as Jordan, as Antoine’s departure left viewers disappointed. This viewer resistance did not go unnoticed by Henry, who wrote, “To the fans, it took me a while to win you over, but once you saw my heart you made me feel so much love.”

Quite a few GH cast members and fans left comments on Henry’s post showering her with love and support. Finola Hughes (Anna) noted Henry was “the most loveliest of souls” and “a shining spirit,” while Cassandra James (Terry) and Chloe Lanier (Nelle) added supportive comments too. Josh Swickard (Chase) wrote he’d miss Henry, sharing “you brought so much love and life to the set.”

Naturally, Tahj Bellow (T.J.) and Donnell Turner (Curtis) posted lengthy comments praising Henry too. All of the other General Hospital cast members, past and present, who commented shared similar sentiments.

Is Jordan really gone for good, or will the General Hospital writers bring her back at some point? The show has been working on putting Curtis and Portia together, and fans now know he is Trina’s father as many suspected. It seems Henry’s decision to leave came at a good point in her character’s storyline, and viewers found her last scenes sweet and touching.

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