WWE Raw 9/13: 5 Must-See Moments, Full Results


WWE Raw made several major announcements heading into the show to ensure more eyes on the product. Bobby Lashley defended his WWE Championship against Randy Orton in the main event. Big E. promised to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase against either Lashley or Orton, teasing both all night in the process. Jeff Hardy got his shot at the US Title, while the WWE Draft announced its return. Here are 5 Must-See Moments from Monday Night Raw plus full results from tonight’s action.

WWE Raw: 5 Must-See Moments

Rhea Ripley and Niki A.S.H stake their claim
Last week on Monday Night Raw, Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. defeated Natalya and Tamina in a non-title match. On WWE Raw this week, two separate singles matches were put in place to see how the women would fair. Much to the chagrin of the champions, their bad luck continued. Nikki A.S.H. defeated Tamina and just moments later Ripley forced Natalya to tap out.

The Draft Returns

WWE Draft is back!
During WWE Raw, it was confirmed that in just three weeks the WWE Draft would be returning. Over the last few years, Monday Night Raw has been criticized for their questionable writing decisions and low ratings. While WWE Smackdown has been a mostly consistently solid show, it looks like the WWE is ready for a shake-up. The October 1 edition of WWE Smackdown and the October 4 edition of WWE Raw will be the home of the upcoming draft.

Charlotte Flair defends her title, gets a present
Charlotte Flair is enjoying her 14th reign as a Women’s Champion in the WWE but has many challengers. After defeating Nia Jax last week, Charlotte went one on one with Jax’s tag partner Shayna Baszler. Following a hard-fought battle, Baszler was distracted by her own tag team partner in Jax and ate a Charlotte boot for the 1-2-3. After the match, Alexa Bliss came to the ring and presented Charlotte with a present. The champion reluctantly accepted only to reveal that the present was a Lilly-like doll in the likeness of Charlotte named Charlie. Charlotte went on the attack but fell victim to a Canadian Destroyer by Bliss.

Priest takes down Hardy
Earlier in the week on social media, Damian Priest issued an open challenge for his United States Title. The man in the front of the line to accept was former champion, the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy. In what might have been Jeff Hardy’s best match since the pandemic, the former champion gave it his all but fell short after being hit with the Reckoning. After the match, Sheamus hit the ring to beat down Hardy and Priest but ate a big boot to the outside.

WWE Raw: MITB Cash In

Lashley d. Orton, Big E cashes in!
Kicking off WWE Raw, Big E. came to the ring but was soon followed by Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton. With the stage set, Lashley and Orton went at it for nearly 20 minutes, going back and forth in the process. In the end, Lashley hit a spear and got the win over the former champion. After the match, Lashley put Orton through a table but tweaked his knee. After Lashley limped back into the ring, Big E’s music hit as he cashed in his MITB briefcase. Despite a brief flurry from Lashley, Big E. went after the knee and hit the Big Ending to become the new WWE Champion.

WWE Raw: Full Results

Charlotte Flair d. Shayna Baszler, Skim It, **3/4

The Viking Raiders and Drew McIntyre d. Jinder Mahal, Veer and Shanky, Take a Pass, *1/2

United States Title Match: Damian Priest d. Jeff Hardy, Worth a Watch, ***1/4

Nikki A.S.H d. Tamina, Take a Pass, *

Rhea Ripley d. Natalya, Skim It, **1/2

AJ Styles, Omos, T-Bar, and Mace d. Mansoor and Ali and The New Day, Skim It, **

Doudrop d. Eva Maria, Take a Pass, DUD

WWE Title Match: Bobby Lashley d. Randy Orton, Worth a Watch, ***1/4

WWE Title Match: Big E. d. Bobby Lashley, Must-Watch, (NR)

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