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‘The Witcher’: Netflix Will Not Renew For Season 3 Without Accomplishing Milestone

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Has Netflix renewed The Witcher Season 3? They have not. Despite Witchercon, and featuring lead Henry Cavill in the promo for their upcoming global fan event, TUDUMthe streaming network will not greenlight a third season.

That is unless the series accomplished a major feat.

Will There Be The Witcher Season 3?

Although The Witcher Season 2 is not dropping until December 17, fans of the show are anxious about a third season. Netflix has yet to renew. According to PC Gamer, the show is in serious trouble. Showrunner Lauren Hissrich has revealed, “We need a great Season 2 if we have a hope of having a Season 3.”

They are now between a rock and a hard place. She has been busy in post-production. Although she signed a big Netflix deal, it does not guarantee there will be more of The Witcher. However, fans can assume that she is giving it her best shot.

To get another season, they need enormous ratings. They need to beat out their record Season 1 rating by about 10 percent. That is a lot, considering how grueling filming this season was. Between the worldwide coronavirus shutdown, on-set Covid shutdowns, and Henry Cavill’s near career-changing hamstring injury, this season took forever.

Moreover, it cost the network a boatload of money. They did not film in a more economical country, instead opting to film in the U.K., which means higher production costs. So, now Netflix was a return on their investment. They want record-breaking ratings.

The Witcher Was Number One, Until Bridgerton

Back in 2019, The Witcher got 76 million people watching Season 1. For a year, that was the number one series. That means bigger numbers than You, or Orange Is The New Black, or any other series. Moreover, Netflix has a lot of big series. The Witcher was tops.

However, amid lockdown fatigue, Shondaland’s Bridgerton got six million more viewers. Season 1 had 82 million households watching. That means that if there is to be a third season of The Witcher, it needs to beat the 82 million households. That is about a 10 percent increase in viewership.

While adding another seven million households, worldwide, seems fairly easy, it would mean that everyone who watched the first season will return. That doesn’t always happen with second seasons. There is usually a drop in viewership.

This may be why Netflix is waiting to see the numbers. This may also be why many Netflix series end at two seasons. The numbers drop down too low for their bottom line.

We can assume that this is why series like Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance didn’t make it past the second or third season mark.

However, one of the challenges with Netflix is that they have not been open with their criteria of viewership. How do they calculate viewership numbers? Do they consider 10 minutes of watching a series as a qualifying household? Or does someone have to watch a certain percentage of the series?

The streaming network is very secretive about how they measure these details. It is only the top shows where they do reveal the numbers. Thus, this all remains a mystery.

Changes Made To Top Netflix Series

Although people loved the first season of The Witcher, particularly Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia, many were confused by the roving timeline. Lauren Hissrich had the thankless job of combining the eight original Andrzej Sapkowski books, with the video game. Netflix did include a preview series explaining things about each episode. This was helpful for anyone who was not already familiar with the books.

However, people were confused. Although Hissrich just wanted to make sure that Ciri (Freya Allan) and Yen (Anya Chalotra) were both in the first season, the timeline confusion has made her make a serious change.

This season will feature Geralt teaching Ciri how to be a Witcher. In addition, there will be flashbacks. Hopefully, this will be easier for fans not familiar with the other types of media.

That is the impossible feat that needs to be achieved.

Netflix drops The Witcher Season 2 on Friday, December 17, 2021.

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  1. Well, Henry Cavill lost a lot of followers when he chose to associate with Natalie Viscuso (you’re right, i said “associate” because i don’t think they’re in a real relationship, but a PR stunt). Many of those followers stated they wouldn’t see the second season and i’m not watching it either. Henry still has time to reorder his life and understand that this move was a very bad one. You can’t associate with a racist person without getting harmed

    1. The term racist/racism is now completely meaningless because people like you have redefined it to include almost anything. In order for a word to mean something it must also not mean something. Historically the term referred to an ideology that promoted hate toward particular ethnicities. Viewing one’s race as ontologically superior to another. Now it can mean almost anything, including wearing the clothing of another culture. It’s completely absurd and laughable. Libeling Cavill’s girlfriend as “racist” is a lie. It’s wicked and evil. You are evil.

  2. Yes, the wandering timeline did distract from the show. Many had to watch it multiple times if they wanted to understand it. I bet that turned a lot of people away. I am sure there was a better way to do whatever they were trying to do.

  3. I really hope the show does well enough to keep going, as it’s one of my favorites that Netflix has ever produced. Not to mention it’s becoming terribly annoying to find series after series on these streaming platforms that just abruptly end with no wrap up to the story! So many people I know complain very often about this very thing as well. I really hope companies like Netflix and Amazon begin to realize this, and that they make an effort to do a better job giving shows a basic ending\wrap up episode at the very least.

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