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Panicked Courtney Waldrop Seeks Advice As Eric Leaves Her Alone 

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A panicked Courtney Waldrop took to Instagram last night to seek the advice of Sweet Home Sextuplets fans. She was preparing for her husband Eric to leave her. He was leaving her alone with the children. Her panicked request for advice, however, was not on how to survive nine children by herself. Courtney Waldrop is a pretty confident mother. And, she knows she’ll be alright alone with the kids for a while.

The advice she sought was actually on behalf of her husband. She wanted advice from fans on getting wisdom teeth removed as an adult. Did fans have any helpful advice for Courtney Waldrop and her husband Eric?

Courtney Waldrop explains why Eric is leaving her

Now, before you panic too, Eric Waldrop is just temporarily leaving Courtney alone with their children. He’s having his wisdom teeth removed. And, the surgery is going to take him out of commission for a period of time.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Courtney waldrop - Eric waldrop
Courtney Waldrop Instagram

The reality TV mother promises fans a funny video

Courtney Waldrop tells Instagram she reassured her husband she would absolutely be making a video of her husband after he gets his wisdom teeth out. After taking charge of nine children while he has dental surgery, capturing what crazy things her husband might do while coming off of the medication is a nice little treat for her to look forward to.

She jested in the caption of her Instagram post that her husband Eric begged her not to record a video of how he is after the surgery. She sarcastically complied with his request. But, it was clear she definitely planned on making a video.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram
Courtney Waldrop Instagram

In the comments, Sweet Home Sextuplets fans beg Courtney to follow through with the video she is promising. They look forward to getting to see how Eric acts and what he says after getting his teeth removed.

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans offer panicked Courtney advice

The biggest piece of advice Sweet Home Sextuplets fans seemed to offer in the comment section was pineapple juice. They noted it was a new trend and highly recommended for anyone to consume before any type of surgery.

One of her fans penned in the comments: “Pineapple juice. it helps reduce swelling. drink it the day/night before if possible.”

Sweet Home sextuplets Courtney Waldrop Instagram
Courtney Waldrop Instagram

Another agreed: “Seriously, there’s this new thing going around about pineapple juice and drinking a ton of it before surgery and how it helps healing and swelling, etc.”

Things are sure to be rough for Courtney Waldrop as she braces to handle nine children on her own for a few days. But, fans are sure she’s got a handle on it! Do you have any advice for a panicked Courtney Waldrop and her husband Eric? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the TLC family.

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