Kendra Duggar Fuels Pregnancy Rumors With Latest Photos

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Counting On fans often speculate about who might be pregnant next, and right now, many think it may be Kendra Duggar. She and her husband Joe Duggar have three kids, Garrett, 3, Addison, almost 2, and Brooklyn, 7 months. Since the kids are so close in age, fans predict that another baby could be here very soon. So far, however, Joe and Kendra haven’t made an official announcement.

Joe and Kendra Duggar Instagram
Joe and Kendra Duggar Instagram

Kendra Duggar shares a new post, sparking pregnancy rumors.

In a new social media post, Joe and Kendra revealed that they got to go on a fun little trip together. Along with the update, Joe and Kendra shared a handful of pictures from their getaway together. This is their first time posting on Instagram since July. In the post, they wrote, “Finally posting pics from our anniversary trip🥰❤️🥰We so enjoyed seeing Jesus at Sight and Sound and doing SDC. We had a blast!”

Joe and Kendra Duggar Instagram
Joe and Kendra Duggar Instagram

Michelle Duggar also sparked rumors that Kendra might be pregnant. At a recent Duggar family get-together, Kendra posed alongside Katey Nakatsu, Jedidiah’s wife. Shortly before this, Jedidiah and Katey announced they are expecting. So, fans thought Michelle might have been taking a photo of the pregnant daughters-in-law together.

Counting On viewers think the new post contains clues.

In response to the post, Counting On viewers on Reddit are discussing the possibility of Kendra being pregnant now or in the near future. One writes that they think “Kendra’s pregnancy watch starts now!” Someone else jokes about Kendra seemingly always being pregnant, writing, “Omnipregnant Kendra, don’t disappoint!”

Another user points out that Joe and Kendra could have conceived their baby on this trip, so an announcement might still be a few months away. Plenty of others share similar thoughts, trying to figure out when Kendra might announce a pregnancy.

Kendra and Joe’s other children are all roughly a year apart in age, so it shouldn’t be too much longer before they’re expecting again, as long as they stick with that same age gap. For now, Joe and Kendra haven’t announced that they’re expecting another baby. But it wouldn’t surprise fans because they already have three kids in their four years of marriage. So, this big news could be right around the corner.

So, do you think Joe and Kendra Duggar could be expecting their fourth baby? Would you be surprised by that announcement? Let us know in the comments below.

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