Joseph & Kendra Duggar Make RARE Appearance On Instagram

Kendra and Joe Duggar Instagram

It’s been a while since Duggar fans have seen Joseph and Kendra Duggar on Instagram. So what has the “Little Duggar Family” returning to social media? Keep reading to find out why Joseph and Kendra Duggar make a rare appearance on Instagram.

Joseph & Kendra Duggar finally post on Instagram

Fans may have been starting to get a little concerned. The last time that the young Duggar couple posted on Instagram was ten weeks ago. At that time, they share a family photo. Everyone is decked out in red, white, and blue in celebration of the Fourth of July. In the caption, they wish everyone a Happy 4th and express how thankful they are to “celebrate this great nation.”

Before that, the “Little Duggar Family” hadn’t shared anything with their fans for nearly a month. This post is in celebration of their son, Garrett’s third birthday. So, what has Joseph and Kendra coming back to social media after two and a half months?  Kendra and Joe Duggar InstagramKendra and Joseph Duggar Instagram

Something worth celebrating

After 10 weeks, the young Duggar couple makes a return to Instagram with something to celebrate. The couple shares a series of photos in celebration of their anniversary. It’s hard to imagine that these two have already been married four years.

The caption gives some insight into how the parents of three celebrated four years of marriage. It reads, “Finally posting pics from our anniversary trip. We so enjoyed seeing Jesus at Sight and Sound and doing SDC. We had a blast!”

Kendra and Joseph Duggar Instagram
Kendra and Joseph Duggar Instagram

For inquiring minds, Jesus at Sight and Sound is an attraction in Branson, Missouri. The show lasts for two hours and 20 minutes.  Branson Shows describes Sight & Sound as the most famous Christian theatre. It’s likely that SDC means Silver Dollar City. Fans in the comment section are so happy to see this couple getaway. Even Joe’s sister, Joy has something to say. She writes, “How fun! Glad y’all were able to go on a little getaway!!

All of the other comments can’t seem to get over how great this is. Also, a lot of the comments note how beautiful Kendra is.

Do you like seeing things on Instagram from Joseph and Kendra Duggar? Do you wish they’d post more often? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar news.

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