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Daniel Radcliffe Has Strong Opinions About ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

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Daniel Radcliffe surprised listeners of the Love to See It podcast. He enthusiastically engaged in a discussion about Bachelor in Paradise. Along with his girlfriend, Erin Darke, Daniel Radcliffe talked about his favorites and the drama he loves with reality television. In the past, he talked about his love for the Bachelor on Late Night but he’s never been able to speak of it so freely.

Not only is he a BIP fan, but he revealed he also loves to watch Love Island. Several times while talking about how BIP works, he talked about the rules of Love Island and how they’re different. His girlfriend talked about watching BIP with him. She said, “There were moments where it got so awkward that Dan had to cover his ears and duck out of the room.”

What Points Did Daniel Radcliffe Make About BIP?

Daniel Radcliffe had a lot to say about all the latest drama. When it came to Joe Amabile, Serena Pitt, and Kendall Long, he said they dealt with it well. Daniel said, “I can’t think of another three people off the top of my head that you could shove into a love triangle who would have dealt with it that well.”

When it came to Brendan Morais and Pieper James’s conspiring he excitedly responded. According to Glamour, he said, “They were like two criminals trying to get their story straight!” About Demi Burnett going after Kenny Braasch he said, “To be tearfully asked if you want to have sex.” Then he just let out a loud sigh. He seemed exasperated with her throwing herself at the forty-year-old as the rest of the fans.

He Doesn’t Think Anyone Likes Chris

Daniel Radcliffe also said there is a lot of difference between how they treated Chris Conran and how they treated Brendan. He said they may gang up on them this week but since they haven’t yet, he thinks it comes down to loyalty. No one is loyal to Chris. He revealed he liked Brendan during Tayshia’s season.

Daniel Radcliffe, YouTube

Bachelor nation noticed Daniel was a fan. Katie Thurston tweeted about the podcast. Fans loved it. One tweeted, “I never knew how much I needed Daniel’s Radcliffe’s thoughts on Bachelor in Paradise.” Another said, “Today I listened to a Bachelor podcast where one of the guests was Daniel Radcliffe and the hosts intro’d him so nonchalantly like Harry Potter wasn’t chatting with them about 23-year-olds making out on a beach.”

Glamour said they think he could easily have a second career recapping reality television. The hosts joked he and Erin might just take over their podcast.

How do you feel about Harry Potter’s love of the show? Comment with your thoughts below. Don’t forget the schedule change for the Bachelor In Paradise.

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