‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Mother Bobbie Takes Nasty Spill, Left In Splint 

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One of Kody Brown’s mothers — Bobbie — took a nasty spill recently. A nasty spill that left her in a splint. Is she doing alright? How bad is the injury? Keep reading, we have the details.

Wait, who is Bobbie Brown?

Now, if you aren’t well versed in Sister Wives history, you might be a little confused. Who the heck is Bobbie Brown? After all, fans of the TLC family know Genielle Brown is the woman who gave birth to Kody. That being said, Kody’s father William Winn Brown had three wives. One of them being Bobbie. So, technically, that would make Bobbie one of Kody’s three mothers.

A grandmother, an artist, a musician, and an English teacher, Bobbie Brown isn’t too active on social media. And, she doesn’t have nearly the following as that of her famous son Kody and his family. But, she does post on social media from time to time. And, she took to social media recently to tell her very small following that she took a nasty spill. As a result of the spill, she was rocking a splint on her arm.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Bobbie Brown

Kody Brown’s mother takes nasty spill, wears split on arm

Kody Brown’s mother Bobbie blamed an uneven surface on causing her to take a nasty spill. She noted, “Took a facer on uneven sidewalk today and something crunched badly.”

With her post explaining what happened, she attached a photo of herself rocking a splint on her arm.

Splinted until the appropriate doc can see it Monday and make surgical decisions. Bright side note; I am right handed. Bad note; I’m already bored. And restless. And something is itching in there just a teensy bit. Sadder face.”

Kody Brown’s mother Bobbie admits she takes comfort in the fact that she injured her left arm and not her right. Turns out, she has not had a chance to get to an appropriate doctor to see what kind of damage she did to her arm.

Bobbie Brown also added she was already irritated by the splint as something was starting to itch inside.

Kody Brown’s mother Bobbie offered a bit of an update on her situation in the comments of her post: “Can’t drive for a few days. Otherwise, dont know much yet. Xrays showed various bones in pieces. Sigh. Nice people in Powell however. Really nice vets splinted me up and made necessary calls and made everything as comfortable as possible. All I can do now is find something to binge watch. My medicated attention span is rubbish. Will try my (right) hand at sketching in a bit.; tomorrow maybe.”

Sister Wives Kody Brown - Bobbie Brown

Janelle Brown showered Bobbie with love in the comments

Turns out, Janelle is the only one of Kody’s four wives that follows Bobbie. She wasted no time diving into the comments to show Kody Brown’s mother a little support.

Janelle penned in the comments: “Oh Bobbie! Horrible but Im glad it wasn’t worse!”

Everyone else who commented on the post agreed with Janelle Brown. They were glad the injury wasn’t worse. And, they hoped Bobbie Brown got to feeling better soon.

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