When Hope Calls’: Latest Info On ‘WCTH’ Spinoff

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Hearties love any and everything related to WCTH. That includes the spinoff show When Hope Calls. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around a new WHC project. After a couple of years of silence around the When Calls The Heart spinoff, there seems to be some action.

They are filming something. Now, we need to do a little sleuthing to figure out exactly what is going on. Here is the latest information on the When Hope Calls.

Filming Dates Released For When Hope Calls

Recently, there have been indications that the When Calls The Heart Christmas spinoff will be replaced by their spinoff. Although no one from Hallmark has shared any information regarding When Hope Calls, there have been some industry releases.

The first was that they were filming WHC as a Christmas movie. WCTH co-creator, Brian Bird, had shared that they were cooking up something for the spinoff. However, he has stayed mum since that morsel of information.

However, now the official industry listing calls this production “Season 2.” According to the Twitter site of Ho! Ho! Holiday Viewing, there is a listing for When Hope Calls Season 2. “Hmmm…The tentative production listing for WHEN HOPE CALLS has gone from “Christmas Special” to “Season 2.” Still no concrete start date though, which indicates early stages of gearing up, not full-on, official pre-production.”

More Information On When Hope Calls Filming

As all sleuths know, we need some solid information. Turns out we have a bit more. Thanks to Hallmarkie’s co-host Ann Scott, we have a few more details, so we don’t have to do much investigating. She replied to the initial post with more information, and a detailed filming schedule. She writes, “Excitement Rising!”

What does the photo show? In a listing called “When Hope Calls Season 2,” there is information on the North Bay, Ontario production office. This includes address, email, and even phone contact.

The pre-production date started on September 7, 2021, and ends on September 24, 2021. The principal photography date starts on September 28, 2021, and ends on October 15, 2021.

Now the speculation has begun. Ho! Ho! Holiday Viewing commented, “Don’t want to over speculate, because production can be very fluid until actual on the groundwork begins, but had seen crew listing both “Christmas Special” & “Season 2″ in availability lists. Wonder if both might happen (special filmed as part of season), or if it’s just S2 now?”

However, the Christmas information specialist seemed to think on this a bit more. “And, not sure what listing that is from, but if you look at the filming dates given, that’s long enough to shoot a Christmas movie, but definitely not an entire season.”

Sounds like she concluded that this will be a Christmas movie. Why? Because three weeks is the time needed for a standard Hallmark Christmas move.

Will There Be A When Calls The Heart Christmas Special?

Will there be a When Calls The Heart 2021 Christmas special? It does not seem likely. Although Hallmark has not made any announcements, they generally let fans know by now.

However, everyone is waiting with bated breath for the Countdown to Christmas 2021 titles. We should have a definite answer on whether there will be either a WCTH or When Hope Calls Christmas movie.

They are filming 12 episodes of WCTH again this season. They could not squeeze in time for a Christmas movie last year when they supersized the show. It is likely they will not be able to again this year. However, a WHC Christmas movie, now that would be special!

What we do know is that they are filming something related to When Hope Calls. They are in pre-production now!

Meanwhile, we will continue to peruse social media and gather information as it appears.

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