Erika Jayne Cries ‘EXTORTION’ Over Repaying Plane Crash Victims

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Erika Jayne is in a Twitter battle with the lawyer investigating embezzlement allegations against her. The RHOBH star is part of a lawsuit involving claims that her husband, Tom Girardi, embezzled money from his law firm, Girardi Keese. Why is Erika Jayne crying extortion in response to investigator Ronald Richards? Keep reading, and we’ll explain. 

Erika Jayne, Tom Girardi accused of stealing money from legal settlements 

The entertainment industry was in shock when allegations came out that famed lawyer, Tom Girardi, has been swindling money from clients for years. His now-estranged wife, Erika Jayne, was implicated in the lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, Girardi funneled money from plane crash victims and other clients into funding Erika’s extravagant lifestyle. 

Erika Jayne/YouTube
Erika Jayne/YouTube

Erika Girardi – better known by her stage name of Erika Jayne – joined RHOBH for its sixth season in 2015. She still appears on the show, now in Season 11. Throughout her time on the Bravo show, Erika has flaunted her wealth. Now people are asking where the money came from. However, Erika isn’t answering.

Amid the legal woes, Erika filed for divorce from her husband of 20 years. She claims it’s unrelated to the legal issues he’s facing. 

RHOBH star under fire for ‘tone deaf’ social media posts

Season 11 of RHOBH heavily focuses on Erika’s legal issues and divorce filing. While her co-stars were initially blindly supportive, Sutton Stracke began to ask the questions everyone else was wondering. How much did Erika know, and when? Was the divorce filing part of a larger scheme or legit? Things came to a head in a recent episode when Erika shut down Sutton’s questions by threatening/promising to sue her. 

Erika’s reaction has turned the tide against her with fans of the show. Her posts on her social media are not helping matters. She often posts nude or nearly nude thirst trap photos with captions taunting the naysayers. Erika is currently in a fiery Twitter war with investigator Ronald Richards. What are they arguing about? 

Erika Jayne screams EXTORTION in response investigator’s offer 

Ronald Richards is an esteemed lawyer in his own right. He is also the investigator for a lawsuit accusing Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne of embezzling funds from client settlements through Tom’s law firm. 

Richards took to social media earlier this week to make a proposition for Erika. If she paid back $25 million to the victims, 10 percent would be “added to her voluntarily [sic] compliance payment,” as Us Weekly reports. When Erika retorted that Richards was only interested in the lawyer fees he would accrue, he said that the fees would be waived. However, it doesn’t seem that Erika is taking him up on the offer. 

She retweeted the offer and added the commentary, “This feels like extortion.” Her tweet did not go over well. Many people, including Richards, retorted with the actual definition of “extortion,” Others pointed out that the offer was more of a plea deal than extortion. Regardless, Erika isn’t interested in making any deals at the moment. 

In response to the ongoing legal battle, it seems Erika has fallen out with all of her RHOBH co-stars except for Lisa Rinna. The Season 11 reunion filmed on Friday, September 10. Bookmark TV Shows Ace for updates on Erika’s legal case. 

Do you think Erika Jayne should take the repayment deal or is she right that it’s extortion? Let us know in the comments below. 

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