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Mykelti Padron Shows ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Stubborn & Cute Baby Avalon Update

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New parents love to document every cute moment of their baby’s life. Sister Wives daughter, Mykelti Padron is no exception with her five-month-old little girl, Avalon. She loves sharing updates as Avalon grows and progresses. Since fans have watched Mykelti since 2010, they eat every moment up. However, babies are unpredictable and silly so sometimes, the moments you want to capture can go awry.

Sister Wives Third Grandchild and Little Love

Credit: Mykelti Padron Instagram
Credit: Mykelti Padron Instagram

It was a big deal when Mykelti and her husband, Tony announced they were having a baby. Up until that point, Janelle’s daughter, Maddie had been the only one to give the family grandchildren. She was also the first to get married in June 2016  to Caleb Brush. The two welcomed their first child, a son, Axel in May of the following year. In August of 2019, Maddie gave birth to a baby girl, Evie K.

She became the apple of her grandpa’s eye as she was diagnosed with FATCO and would need surgery by the age of one. Yet, both Brush children were happy and full of light. As for Mykelti, she was the second Brown to get married. She and Tony actually got married just six months after Maddie but waited until 2020 to announce they were expecting a baby.

The couple could not wait to expand their family from the moment they wed. Eventually, the timing was perfect and they shared the moment with the world. Mykelti’s mom, Christine was there for Avalon Asa’a April arrival and everyone immediately fell in love. One of Avalon’s favorite things is to play with her little monkey so Mykelti wanted to show this to the world. Was Avalon up for it?

Avalon Rebels Against Her Mama

If your car has a problem, the moment you bring it to get it looked at, it is fine. The moment you try to film a baby doing something super adorable, they either stop or rebel. Such is the case with baby Avalon. Earlier today, Mykelti went on her Instagram stories to show the world how much Avalon loves her stuffed monkey. She apparently tries to eat the whole face of said monkey.

Credit: Mykelti Padron Instagram
Credit: Mykelti Padron Instagram

As mama is trying to film, Avalon clearly decides she is not up for this and just lays back down. Mykelti jokes she is grateful for the large (baby buffer) pillow they invested in. She tries to explain the purpose of the video is to showcase Avalon’s obsession with eating her monkey’s face. However, she is being quite stubborn yet mama adds the baby is cute so it is okay.

Stubborn- sounds a little bit like her grandpa Kody. More like knows what she wants and when she wants it. She is a fierce little adorable firecracker and Myketli’s followers love watching Avalon grow and progress. Hopefully, there will be more of the Padron family when Sister Wives returns for Season 16 on November 21st to TLC.

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