Jackson Roloff Puts His Big Brother Skills On Display: See Sweet Photo

Jackson and Lilah Roloff via Instagram

Tori Roloff captured the sweetest moment that showed exactly how Jackson Roloff feels about being a big brother. 

Little People, Big Worlds fans love to see the bond between Jackson Roloff and his little sister, Lilah. Though the tykes don’t always get along, they seem to enjoy each other’s company most of the time. As a typical little sister, Lilah does everything her brother does. Stay on this page to see the bonus video of the adorable sibling moment. 

Lilah Roloff loves to mimic Jackson 

Jackson Roloff is three years older than Lilah, but she shares his adventurous spirit. Zach and Tori’s son recently took quite the tumble off his scooter at the skate-park. Seeing her brother with a bloody lip didn’t turn Lilah off the sport. 

A recent post on Tori’s Instagram Stories revealed Lilah is just as brave. In the cute clip, Lilah mimics Jackson by pushing the scooter along as she toddles behind it. Lilah isn’t quite ready to full-on ride the scooter, but it won’t be long! 

The youngest child of Tori and Zach also took part in a dance party with her big brother. Jackson busts a move, and Lilah tries to do the same move. You can see that video clip here. 

Needless to say, Lilah and Jackson have a great sibling relationship. 

Lilah and Jackson Roloff via Instagram
Lilah and Jackson Roloff via Instagram

Tori Roloff hilariously shades husband Zach 

LPBW fans know that Zach is usually the one to crack jokes while Tori is more serious. However, she showed her social media followers just how funny she can be. She shared a video of how she expects her husband to react when she cleans vs. how he actually reacts. 

After scrubbing down the kitchen, Tori expects Zach to praise her and show off the sparkling counters. However, in reality, Tori hilariously jokes that Zach would demand to know where his stool is. Her impression of her husband is spot-on. Her followers noticed that she was wearing the same – or similar hat that Zach wore throughout the early season of LPBW

Jackson Roloff proves he’s a great big brother: see photos 

Tori and Zach are raising two sweet kids. Viewers love to watch the shenanigans of Lilah and Jackson. In fact, many say that they only watch the TLC show to see the two kids. Tori took to her Instagram Stories to share a video that will melt your heart! 

In the video, Jackson pushes Lilah in a toddler swing. The expressions on his face show that he’s enjoying it just as much as his little sister.

Lilah and Jackson Roloff via Instagram
Lilah and Jackson Roloff via Instagram

Does it surprise you that Jackson Roloff is a great big brother? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Check back with us at TV Shows Ace for more Roloff family news. Enjoy this bonus video of Jackson and Lilah at the playground. 

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