‘General Hospital’ EXCITING News: Maurice Benard Says Sonny Is Back!

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General Hospital spoilers tease Sonny is about to return to reclaim his life, and it’s going to be a wild ride for everybody involved. Actor Maurice Benard teased the return of Sonny via Twitter and fans cannot wait to see how this plays out.

Jax Has A Big Decision To Make

As General Hospital viewers saw on Wednesday, Jax surprised Nina in Nixon Falls with a visit, and it seriously rattled her. Jax had a very specific mission with this visit, and it did not take long for him to confirm his suspicions. He discovered Sonny is indeed alive and Nina’s known. Jax also figured out that Nina’s new romantic interest “Mike” is Sonny with amnesia.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal during Thursday’s show, Jax will threaten Nina. He will seem to have the upper hand at this moment. However, he might underestimate how desperate Nina is to keep this secret. They apparently will not work through this upcoming disagreement during Thursday’s episode and it will spill over to Friday.

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Carly And Jason’s Wedding Is About To Begin

While Jax tries to decide what to do about this massive bombshell in Nixon Falls, General Hospital spoilers signal there will be plenty going on back in Port Charles. It’s time for Jason and Carly’s wedding, although it’ll still take a few days before the nuptials actually start.

The last that General Hospital viewers saw, Carly was missing. Jason called Spinelli and got information on her location, and viewers will see more on Thursday. She will talk with Jason and admit how she’s feeling, which could get complicated. Was she perhaps visiting Sonny’s grave, anxious about the wedding and the realization she’s developing different feelings for Jason now?

General Hospital Spoilers Tease Sonny’s Finally Returning

For months now, fans have been eager to see Sonny return and Mike fade away. Many General Hospital viewers figured Sonny’s return would coincide with Jason and Carly’s wedding. Spoilers hint that may be the case as fans have suspected. For now, he will continue to live his life as “Mike” in Nixon Falls. However, Benard promised big changes are on the horizon.

On September 8, Benard took to Twitter to tease his followers. The post included a photo that showed him sitting on a couch dressed as Sonny. The actor tweeted, “Sonny soon! And he won’t be sitting down.” General Hospital spoilers signal the episodes airing on Thursday, September 16 and Friday, September 17 will be especially juicy ones. Jax will call Maxie, who will be trying to keep the wedding on track. Some sort of plan will be put in motion, and a cliffhanger seems likely.

How will Jax move forward with the information he knows, and what will Nina do? When will “Mike” regain his memory and how soon will Sonny be back in Port Charles? General Hospital spoilers promise high drama with this and viewers cannot wait.

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