Christine Brown Living A Lie? ‘Sister Wives’ Season 16 May Spill The Truth

Sister Wives Christine Brown - Instagram

Fans think Christine Brown is living a lie right now and Sister Wives Season 16 holds the truth. For several seasons now, the plotline for the TLC series has spent a lot of time exploring the fractures in Meri and Kody’s relationship. Turns out, that isn’t the only relationship of Kody’s that’s falling apart. In fact, when news the series would turn and already had a release date broke… The trailer and synopsis of Season 16 suggested Kody Brown’s entire family was falling apart.

Now, fans believe Kody Brown and Robyn are still in a healthy and committed relationship. Fans also believe Janelle and Kody remain close based on her Instagram activity. But, it appears as if his relationship with Christine may be just as shattered as his relationship with Meri. In fact, it appears as if Christine Brown may have been living a lie for a while now while fans focus on the drama between Kody and Meri.

Sister Wives Janelle - Christine - Robyn - Meri/Youtube
Sister Wives Janelle – Christine – Robyn – Meri/Youtube

Sister Wives Season 16: 2021 update on Kody’s wives

As far as fans know, Kody Brown and all four of his wives reside in Flagstaff, Arizona. Fans know Meri Brown does a lot of traveling. And, they suspect she’s only actually IN Arizona with her family long enough to film. Though she has revealed on Instagram she makes special trips to spend time with Robyn’s children. Moreover, she’s always quick to clarify they are HER children too.

Fans also know Janelle Brown recently made the decision to live on the land Kody dropped A LOT of money on. She put her home on the market and purchased an RV to live on Coyote Pass. Janelle shares photos of Kody coming to spend time with her at the RV. The duo have had multiple date nights since she switched to this way of living. We, however, previously reported Janelle Brown was NOT fully married to the idea of living on the land. She told her followers on Facebook that she would NOT be living in the RV during the winter months. This, of course, left fans scratching their heads. Where exactly would Janelle Brown live if she wasn’t living in the RV during the winter months? Unfortunately, this was a question we don’t have an answer to just yet.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Youtube
Sister Wives Janelle Brown Youtube

Via his Cameo profile, Kody Brown has dropped a lot of information to confirm he’s mostly residing with Robyn. His videos have also confirmed he spends A LOT of time with Robyn’s children.

Christine, however, has been a bit of a wild card. Sister Wives fans are pretty sure Season 16 will spill the truth. The truth about the lie Christine Brown has been living.

How has Christine Brown been living a lie?

YouTube video uploaded by Backwoods Barbi spilled some juicy tea on Kody Brown’s wife Christine. In the video, Backwoods Barbie took a closer look at Christine’s home in Arizona. Pictures of the inside of the home reveal it is clearly a temporary living situation. The photos reveal the home is staged to sell. Nothing about the home feels personal or warm. There’s very little furniture. Even the exterior of the home such as the grass and landscaping looks very unkempt.


All of these clues revealed in the juicy YouTube video suggest Christine Brown isn’t really living in Arizona at all. Where are all of her photos and knick-knacks? Where are the comforters on her bed? And, where is all the extra furniture?

Just three weeks ago, Christine posted a photo of herself returning back home. This photo is a pretty strong example of why fans think she’s living a lie. She’s selling the home. Photos of the inside of the home don’t feel like a place that is lived in. So, it appears as if Christine Brown is just pretending to live in Arizona and remain close to her husband Kody.

Wait, so where is Christine Brown living?

Most of Christine Brown’s children live in Utah. Christine has been taking all sorts of trips to be with her babies. Fans love seeing how much time she’s spending with her children. Kody Brown regularly catches heat for not going with Christine to see their children together. Kody’s absence, however, only supports the theory that Christine is no longer in a happy relationship with him.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown - Christine Brown Youtube
Sister Wives – Kody Brown – Christine Brown Youtube

Will Sister Wives Season 16 shed any light on the lies Christine Brown is currently living? Time will tell. But, fans are hopeful they will finally learn the truth.

Are you looking forward to Sister Wives Season 16? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family, their secrets, and their lies.

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