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Maddie Brown Brush Sends Axel & Evie Off To School: See Photos

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Like many parents, Maddie Brown Brush sent her kids off to their first day of school this week. The Sister Wives star shared adorable photos of Evie and Axel in their first-day outfits. Wait, Evie K is old enough to go to school? If that puts you in your feelings, Maddie Brown Brush relates. She shared throwback photos of Axel as a baby. Keep reading, and we’ll explain how Evie is in school already. 

How old are Maddie Brown Brush’s kids, anyway?!

It may seem impossible that Evie and Axel are old enough for school. Maddie Brown Bush gave birth to her first child, a son, in 2017. Axel just turned four-years-old in May. He’s clearly old enough for pre-K, but what about Evie? 

The Sister Wives star welcomed her second child in August of 2019. It’s been a tough road for little Evie K. She lost part of her foot due to FATCO syndrome. The rare genetic disorder causes limb abnormality. Maddie Brown Brush chose to have part of Evie’s foot amputated at an early age. The tyke wears a prosthetic. It doesn’t stop her from dancing!

With just her second birthday a month ago, Evie is already attending school. 

Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram
Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram

Maddie Brown Brush ‘bittersweet’ over Axel growing up 

Many parents can relate to Maddie Brown Brush getting emotional over Axel’s first day of pre-K. She took to her Instagram Stories to share throwback photos of when Axel was just a baby. The first photo has the date stamp of October 2017, making Axel just five-months-old. 

The second photo seems to be from the same time. It shows a smiley Axel. Maddie muses about Axel growing up. She writes on the photo that he is “in no way a baby anymore.” Her oldest child starting pre-K has mom feeling “bittersweet.” 

According to Maddie, the years are just too short when you have kids. Do you agree with that sentiment? 

Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram
Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram

Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown shares photos of grandbabies’ first day

Axel and Evie’s mom wasn’t the only one feeling sentimental. Janelle Brown reposted the first day of school photos on her own Instagram Stories without comment. She did include the original caption from Maddie’s post, which sheds light on how Evie is in school already. 

While Axel is in pre-K, Evie will be attending “twos class” for her age group. Check out the adorable photos of Axel and Evie’s first day of school. 

Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram
Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram

Can you relate to Maddie Brown Brush getting sentimental over her babies growing up and going to school? Share your own kids’ back-to-school photos in the comments below. 

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