Did Joe Amabile Throw Shade At Ex Kendall Long?

Joe Amabile, Instagram

When Joe Amabile met Kendall Long on the beach two years ago, it was love. The quirky blonde stole his heart and they made it work for almost two years. He loved that she wanted to picnic in a graveyard and she loved that he was sweaty and awkward. The issue they had was due to location. It’s something Kendall kept calling logistics when she showed up on the beach in Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Joe had been forming a relationship with Serena Pitt. One would argue, he’s just as sweaty and awkward as he was, but it’s still endearing. Lots of people are pulling for him. The two had a one-on-one date and were working on deepening their relationship.

Kendall showing up threw Joe off, but it didn’t make him want to end things with Pitt. While Serena is worried about getting hurt, it didn’t make her want to end things with Joe either. Kendall confused Joe a bit because she started the conversation saying she came to see him and then shifted to wanting closure.

How Did Joe Amabile Shade Kendall?

Joe Amabile liked a tweet from a fan about when Kendall showed up and said “hey butthead.” Fans assumed it was some sort of inside joke. One Twitter user said, “That ‘hey butthead,’ line made me wanna cut my eyeballs and ears off.” According to Life and Style, he also liked a tweet that said¬†they were team Joe and Serena. That user said they were a beautiful couple. That user also said she was on team Thomas Jacobs, and it didn’t seem like they cared who he ends up with.

Joe and Kendall do have a complicated past considering they broke up because she didn’t want to move to Chicago. It seems Serena is willing to go where Joe is since they talked about it a bit.

Joe Amabile, Instagram

Serena Pitt Is In The Running For His Heart

Joe Amabile shared a quick clip of him and Serena sitting together with Noah Erb in the background. Joe said, “Noah looks so stressed.” In the clip, Serena is putting her head on his shoulder.¬† One fan said, “Team Joe and whoever is lucky enough to end up with him.” Another said, “Joe seems like such a genuine man, any woman would be lucky to have him, and vice versa.” Fans really want him to be happy.

What do you think about Joe liking the tweets? How did you feel when Kendall showed up on the beach. Watch tonight to see what happens when four new girls show up to mix things up. Strong couples are always being tested on the beach. Comment below with all your thoughts.

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