Jamie Otis Updates Fans On Nephew, Did He Survive?

Jamie and Doug

Married at First Sight alum Jamie Otis was called to return home over the weekend because of a family emergency. At the time, she shared a photo of them driving home saying they were trying to get there as fast as they could. Her original post was vague from when they first arrived. Now, Tuesday, Jamie is sharing more about her nephew. Did he survive?

Jamie Otis gives update on her nephew, did he survive?

When Jamie first shared information on Instagram about her sister and nephew. It showed a selfie of her holding her children close and looking extremely sad. She said, “Thankful to hold my babies, but I feel AWFUL for my sister😢 She doesn’t get to rock her babies to sleep tonight😢 She got a call yesterday that is every parents absolute worst nightmare.”

Jamie went on to say hold your babies tight and keep her sister and nephew in prayers.

Today, Jamie finally gave another update on her nephew. Jamie went back to Instagram to share another update with fans. This time she shared photos of her nephew. So far he’s still alive and still fighting.

Jamie shared heartbreaking photos of her nephew lying in the hospital. She said, “My sis dropped my nephew Jayme & my niece Natalynn off at the babysitters just like any other day…but a few hours later she got a call that Jayme was in an ambulance on his way to the hospital.😢⁣” Jamie went on to say it’s every parent’s worst nightmare.
She continued on saying, “Jayme is a fighter & so are his parents.💯 They haven’t left his side once since he’s been in the hospital.🙏❤️⁣” Jamie concluded by thanking the doctors and nurses for taking such great care of her nephew. She also said, “I’m also so grateful they are doing their best to support my sissy & BIL, too.😭🙏 …They’d never, ever ask, but they need all the love, support, and prayers they can get.💯 I can’t imagine living in this nightmare.😢”

Jamie said she can’t wait to hold her nephew again. She concluded with, ⁣”Gosh, life is so fragile. Hold your loved ones tight….🙏”

So far Jamie has not said exactly what happened to her nephew.

She’s been fighting her own battles as well

Aside from dealing with this tragic family emergency, Jamie has also been struggling with her marriage. She takes fans along for the ride and isn’t afraid to share the good, the bad and the ugly. Fans are hoping she and Doug can remain committed to one another and to their marriage.

Jamie asks for all who believe to say a prayer for her nephew as he continues his fight.

Stay tuned for more updates.

UPDATE: Click to see more details from Jamie.

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