Anna Duggar Chooses Josh, DUMPS Children On Jim Bob And Michelle

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The Duggar family reunited at a fun fall outing at Farmland Adventures, but Anna Duggar was nowhere to be seen in the photos. Amid her husband Josh’s arrest, she has seemingly disappeared from social media. There have been no pictures posted of her since his arrest in April. Interestingly, five of Josh and Anna’s six children were also at the recent family gathering.

Anna Duggar reportedly spending a lot of time with Josh.

When Josh was arrested, he was released on conditions shortly after. Under these conditions, he must live with a legal guardian, the Rebers, who are friends of the Duggars. He’s not allowed to be around children other than his own with his wife’s supervision.

Sources have revealed that Anna is spending a lot of time at the Rebers’ home where Josh is staying, and she reportedly spends the night there with him and the kids.

Anna Duggar Instagram, Josh Duggar
Anna Duggar Instagram

Anna Duggar is nowhere to be seen.

It’s possible that Anna was at the event and simply wasn’t in the picture. But since her son Mason wasn’t in any of the pictures either, it seems likely that she was at home with him or with Josh. Based on what we know about her spending time with Josh at his guardians’ home, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she decided to go be with him instead of attending the family outing.

There are other possibilities, however. Anna is currently expecting her seventh child, a baby girl due this fall. She didn’t reveal the exact due date. So, Anna could technically give birth just about any day now. Maybe it’s too close to her due date and she needed to stay home and rest.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar left to care for the kids.

In the new pictures Jim Bob and Michelle shared from the outing, it looks like they’re totally responsible for Josh and Anna’s kids. This is shocking, considering that Anna is reportedly feuding with her in-laws. But Josh’s parents are standing by his side, sources reveal, so it makes sense that they would be willing to help out with the kids.

Last week, Josh and Anna’s kids were spotted with Jim Bob and Michelle at a baseball game, and once again, it didn’t look like Anna was there.

Duggar Family Instagram

So, do you think that Anna Duggar might have been with her husband Josh during this event? Or do you think she was there and just didn’t want to be photographed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I think she is as sick as Josh. She don’t believe he could hurt her girls! She needs a lot of counseling! I can’t believe she would chose Josh over her children. He knows what he has done. God will take care of him!

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