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Is Anna Duggar’s Seventh Baby Already Here?! Michelle Drops A Hint

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Could Anna Duggar have already given birth to her seventh baby? With a recent hint from her mother-in-law, Michelle Duggar, speculation that baby number seven is almost here is ramping up.

When is Anna Duggar due to give birth to baby number seven?

When Josh and Anna announced that they were expecting their seventh baby, they revealed that she’s due in the fall. They haven’t shared a specific due date or even told fans which month the baby is due in. So, it’s unclear how close Anna is to her due date or if it’s already passed. Fall officially begins in a couple of weeks, but Anna could have used the season as an estimate or given birth early.

Anna Duggar Instagram, Josh Duggar children
Anna Duggar Instagram

Michelle drops a hint on social media.

On social media, Michelle shared a few photos from a fun family outing to a farm. Noticeably, Anna is missing from all of the photos. Either she wasn’t at the outing, or she purposely stayed out of every photo. Five of her six children were also at the Duggar family event and appeared to be supervised by her oldest daughter, Mackynzie, as well as Jim Bob and Michelle.

On Reddit, Duggar Snarks are toying with the idea that Anna may be in labor or at home with a newborn baby. Since she’s technically due any time now, she could have given birth already. That could explain her absence. On Reddit, Anna and Josh’s kids are referred to as “M1” or “M7” depending on their birth order because all of their names begin with the letter M. So, baby number seven is called “M7” in some comments.

One user writes, “She might have just had M7 or ready to pop.” Another user chimes in that they are “wondering if she gave birth.”

Someone else thinks that Anna could be at home relaxing, writing, “Even if she’s not giving birth, she has to be at least 7-8 months pregnant, I hope she’s just putting her feet up and resting without being surrounded by screaming kids.”

Others share their theories, with one reading, “She must have had M7 by now, right? She was probably home with a newborn.”

Of course, there’s no way to know for sure whether Anna has had her baby yet. She may or may not share the news with fans. Anna could have just stepped out of the photos or she could have taken them for the family.

Duggar Family Instagram
Duggar Family Instagram

Will we know when Anna Duggar welcomes baby number seven?

It’s unclear whether Anna will announce the birth of her seventh child. Since Josh’s arrest in April, she hasn’t posted anything on social media. The rest of the family hasn’t shared any pictures of Anna for months either. Depending on when the baby arrives and the timing of Josh’s trial, we may or may not find out about the birth. Due to the reported conflict between Anna and Michelle and Jim Bob, it’s possible they won’t get to meet their new grandbaby.

The entire family is attempting to lay low, though some of them have returned to their typical social media posting schedules already.

There’s no way to know for sure when Anna is giving birth to her new baby. But fans are continuing to look for hints about the baby’s arrival. We’ll have to wait and see whether Anna makes an announcement on social media when the baby is born.

So, do you think Anna Duggar might be in labor or that she already gave birth to her seventh baby? Or do you have another guess for why she wasn’t at the family outing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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