Jim Bob Duggar And Paul Caldwell’s Feud Escalates, Family Confirms

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Recently, there has been some drama between the Duggar family and the Caldwell family, specifically, Jim Bob and Paul. Paul’s daughter, Kendra, married Joe Duggar a few years ago and the couple now shares three children.

Details of the alleged feud between Paul and Jim Bob have slowly surfaced, but nothing has been confirmed by the family – until now. It seems that this drama began in spring 2020. At this time, Paul was living in a home owned by Jim Bob but wasn’t paying rent. When Jim Bob asked Paul to pay rent, he refused, resulting in Jim Bob kicking him out of the property.

Originally, Jim Bob housed Paul due to an agreement they had. Paul was Jim Bob’s pastor at the time and also might have done some work for him.

So, after the Caldwells were left homeless by Jim Bob, Paul and his family moved into another home, which was being built for Joe and Kendra. This left Joe and Kendra in a smaller home instead of the new house they were excited to be building. Since then, there’s been tension between the two families.

Now, it’s become so bad that the Duggar family no longer attends Paul’s church. Previously, several family members were a part of the congregation. It seems like Joe and Kendra might still attend Paul’s church, but the rest of the family appears to attend a different church now.

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Duggar-Caldwell drama confirmed

In Jedidiah and Katey Duggar’s pregnancy announcement video, they tell the Duggar family they are expecting while at a baseball game with their church. The couple reveals that they attend Gospel Light Baptist Church. Paul’s church is Lighthouse Baptist Church. So, based on that information, it sounds like the couple is no longer a part of the Caldwell family’s congregation.

Since Jedidiah and Katey announced their pregnancy at a baseball game with their church, the video gave viewers a good look at some of the members of the church. Noticeably, it doesn’t look like the Caldwells were in attendance. Jim Bob and Michelle were there with the church group, as were several other family members. So, it doesn’t seem like many Duggars still attend Paul’s church, with the exception of Kendra and Joe.

So, are you surprised to hear that the feud between Paul Caldwell and Jim Bob Duggar is still happening? Do you think they will eventually get on the same page, or is their friendship doomed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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