Hazel Busby REPLACES Uncle Dale With Boyfriend Graham: See Pics

Uncle Dale and Hazel Busby/Instagram

Hazel Busby may be the apple of her Uncle Dale’s eye, but it seems he has been pushed out and replaced by another. See the photo of the interloper who hijacked Dale and Hazel’s #Dazel hashtag. 

Hazel Busby, Uncle Dale’s Special Connection 

Dale Mills is married to Danielle Busby’s sister. He is a constant presence in Adam and Danielle’s daughters’ lives. Viewers of the TLC show love Uncle Dale’s amusing antics. He’s also constantly trolling both Danielle and Adam on social media. Just a few weeks ago, he left an inappropriate comment on his sister-in-law’s post about shopping for a fancy dress for Dale’s local Dancing With The Stars competition.

As close as he is to the entire Busby family, his strongest connection is with Hazel Busby. The red-headed quint often features on Uncle Dale’s Instagram. They even have their own hashtag for the Hazel and Uncle Dale stans – #Dazel. 

Uncle Dale and Hazel Busby via Instagram
Uncle Dale and Hazel Busby via Instagram

But now the hashtag has been hijacked by another. Who is the interloper coming between Hazel and Uncle Dale?! 

Uncle Dale REPLACED By Younger Man

As much as fans love Uncle Dale’s adoration for Hazel, there is someone else they find equally adorable – Hazel’s boyfriend, Graham. Viewers were first introduced to Graham during Season 8 of OutDaughtered. 

Hazel and Graham are classmates in school. The two seemed to spend the summer apart, as Graham never made an appearance on either Danielle or Adam’s Instagram. However, with school back in session, the adorable duo recently reunited. 

Danielle Busby shared a sweet photo on her Instagram Stories of Graham and Hazel chillaxing on the couch. Danielle dubbed the twosome as “Grazel,” a clear rip-off of Uncle Dale and Hazel’s hashtag. Poor Uncle Dale! 

Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

Is Hazel Busby Gonna be a Heartbreaker? 

The official TLC YouTube channel shared the clip of Graham’s first appearance on OutDaughtered. The comment section was flooded with “adorable!” and heart emojis. Some people even hilariously compared their own sad love lives to that of then-5-year-old Hazel Busby. 

But one follower in particular believes that Hazel is going to be a total heartbreaker someday. Do you agree with that sentiment? She may have already broken Uncle Dale’s heart after he sees the #Grazel hashtag.

Will Graham – or any of Hazel’s future boyfriends – ever really replace Uncle Dale? Are you a #Dazel stan for life?

TLC has yet to announce when OutDaughtered will return for Season 9. Bookmark TV Shows Ace so you don’t miss any important updates! Make sure to follow Uncle Dale’s Instagram for more #Dazel content.

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