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PHOTO: Jim Bob Duggar Licks Lips In Joy Of Jed & Katey’s Pregnancy 

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Jim Bob Duggar was so excited to learn of Jed and Katey’s pregnancy that the joy left him licking his lips. Photos of the former TLC star joyfully licking his lips as he learns of the Duggar baby expected in Spring of 2022 have surfaced. And, these photos have begun making rounds on Instagram, Reddit, and Facebook.

Keep reading to learn more about the family’s reaction to the pregnancy and to see the photo of Jim Bob Duggar licking his lips with excitement.

Michelle Duggar Instagram
Michelle Duggar Instagram

Jed and Katey reveal they are expecting during family outing

A very large chunk of the Duggar family went on an outing to a baseball game on Friday night. Photos of the family at the baseball game have been making rounds on Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram ever since. As we previously reported, Jim Bob Duggar caught a lot of heat for these photos. Why? Well, because it seemed as though he brought Josh and Anna’s daughter Meredith with him to the game. He, however, seemingly forgot to bring a pair of shoes for her to wear.

Jim Bob Duggar - Michelle Duggar Reddit

Jim Bob Duggar joyfully licks lips in response to Jed and Katey’s pregnancy

As we previously reported, Counting On fans thought Michelle Duggar’s facial expressions as she learned Jed and Katey were pregnant were hysterical. But, Jim Bob Duggar’s reaction to the news also has fans talking.

Sitting next to his wife in the stands, Jim Bob Duggar was photographed licking his lips in joy as he learned of Jed and Katey’s pregnancy. Michelle Duggar’s mouth was open wide as she appeared to be gasping or squealing with excitement.

Chatter across multiple social media platforms acknowledges that Jim Bob’s reaction to the pregnancy confirmation was a bit unsettling.

Michelle duggar Reddit

Some fans jested Jim Bob’s wife had a shocked expression on her face because she knew it was just another grandchild for her to struggle to remember the name of.  Other fans noted Jim Bob’s reaction to the pregnancy news made their skin crawl.

“Picture with his tongue out makes me sick” One fan noted. Several others agreed he looked extra creepy.

Are you surprised Jed and Katey Duggar are pregnant with their first child? Does Jim Bob Duggar licking his lips in excitement over the pregnancy announcement freak you out? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Duggar family.

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