Jedidiah & Katey Duggar BLASTED For Disgusting Pregnancy Humor

Jedidiah - katey Duggar Instagram

Jedidiah and Katey Duggar are under heavy fire after the humor they wove into their pregnancy announcement. Counting On fans were thrilled to learn another Duggar baby was on the way. But, they did not care for the tasteless way Katey and her husband Jed decided to break the news to fans. What exactly did they do that has fans so upset? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Jed and Katey Duggar announce pregnancy

Earlier this evening, Jed and Katey Duggar took to Instagram to announce they were expecting their first child together. Another Duggar baby was on the way. Katey was expected to give birth in Spring of 2022.

Turns out, the couple found out they were pregnant toward the middle of last week. They proceeded to tell the family they were pregnant on Friday during an outing to a baseball game.

katey Jedidiah Duggar Instagram
Katey and Jedidiah Duggar Instagram

Then, on Sunday afternoon, Jed and Katey Duggar took to Instagram to tell the world they were expecting their first child together.

Their pregnancy announcement came with a bit of humor woven into the caption. In the caption, Jed jested that Katey tested positive. He proceeded to explain he wasn’t referring to COVID-19. Turns out, she tested positive for something a little more exciting.

Jim Bob Duggar - Michelle Duggar Reddit
Michelle Duggar Reddit

The thumbnail of the YouTube video announcing their pregnancy featured a photo of Jed and Katey standing with their pregnancy announcement sign. The sign read, “She tested positive but not for covid.”

Fans blast couple for disgusting pregnancy humor

Turns out, the humor involving COVID-19 mixed into the delivery of the pregnancy announcement was NOT well-received among Counting On fans. Many thought it was insensitive. Words such as “tacky” and “tasteless” were also used to describe the delivery of the pregnancy news.

One fan exclaimed on social media: “Not only is it tacky and insensitive, theyre acting like they’re 16. She does the pee test in a Walmart Bathroom stall??? And drops it on the floor? And then tells the nation that? How old are you??? And she said she’s got cramping? Another good reason NOT TO SAY ANYTHING YET!”

Katey - Jedidiah Duggar

“Having 2 family members pass from COVID, I find this very tasteless and insensitive.” Another chimed in.

A third agreed: “I hate this. It’s so tacky and distasteful. People are dying.”

Overall, most fans agreed the pregnancy announcement humor was tone deaf. And, they couldn’t believe she decided to share taking a pregnancy test in a Walmart bathroom with the world.

Are you surprised Jedidiah and Katey Duggar are already expecting their first child? Did you find the humor in their post to be disgusting? Do you understand why fans are so upset? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Duggar family.


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