Duggar Pregnancy Confirmed: Who Is Giving Birth Spring Of 2022?

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will soon have a new grandchild to dote over. And no, we don’t mean disgraced son Josh’s seventh child arriving later this year. Which newlywed couple is expecting their first child? The answer may surprise you. 

Multiple Duggar Kids Married in 2021 

The Duggar family celebrated several weddings this year. Justin Duggar tied the knot with Claire Spivey in February. The couple courted for just a few months before the nuptials, though fans suspect Justin and Claire courted in secret long before the official announcement. 

Jedidiah Duggar’s marriage to Katey Nakatsu faced a lot of scrutiny from 19 Kids and Counting fans. It was rumored that Jedidiah and Katey’s union was an arranged marriage, as several Duggar marriages are. Jedidiah made Katey his wife in April, 2021. 

Another wedding that may or may not be happening this year is Jana Duggar. Rumors have swirled for months that the oldest Duggar daughter is engaged to Stephen Wissmann. It’s something of a scandal within the Duggar family that Jana is still unwed at age 31. However, there has been no confirmation from the family that Stephen is courting Jana, let alone already married to her. 

With three newlywed couples, it’s no surprise that another Duggar pregnancy announcement came out on Sunday, September 5. So, which Duggar is having a baby? 

Credit: Duggar family/Instagram
Credit: Duggar family/Instagram

Which Duggar is Expecting a Baby? 

If you guessed Claire and Justin Duggar, you are wrong! The couple making a pregnancy announcement is Jedidiah and Katey Duggar! They shared the news on Jed’s Instagram. The photo shows the couple kissing with Katey holding out a sign with the pregnancy news. 

“And then there were 3. Baby Duggar. Spring ‘22” the sign says. Jedidiah added his own humorous twist with the caption “She tested positive but not for COVID.” 

Claire Duggar was among the first to offer her congrats to the parents-to-be. Family friend and fellow reality TV star Katie Bates (UPtv’s Bringing Up Bates) also expressed congratulations at the news. 

Duggar pregnancy announcement via Instagram
Duggar pregnancy announcement via Instagram

Is Claire Duggar Next? 

Speaking of Claire Duggar, fans are wondering when she will make a pregnancy announcement of her own. Duggar fanatics have been on a baby bump watch since Claire and Justin said “I do.” 

It’s unclear if Claire and Justin are waiting to conceive or if there’s another reason. Fans do hope that Claire and Justin will be the next Duggars to announce a pregnancy. 

Congratulations to Jedidiah and Katey Duggar on the impending bundle of joy! 

Who do you think will be the next Duggar to make a pregnancy announcement? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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