‘Sister Wives’: Exciting News Has Christine Brown Squealing In Joy

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown shares some exciting news with her fans. For the first time in a long time, she returns to social media with her “car confessions.” So, what has Christine squealing with joy? Keep reading to find out.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown gets excited in latest car confession

Christine comes at her fans with some pretty exciting news. At the beginning of the car confessions, the mother of six makes a quick reference to all the things going on in the world right now. Then, she shares the news that has her very excited. Fans that love music will be just as excited as the reality television star.

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Christine is over the moon excited to share that ABBA has a new CD out. According to Kody Brown’s third wife, this is the first time the band is releasing new music in 40 years. At the end of the first clip of her Instagram Stories, the TLC star encourages her fans to download the two songs that are out right now. Unfortunately, that’s all that’s available from the album until November.

Not only is Abba releasing a 10-song album, but there is a virtual concert, reports BBCThe album is called Abba Voyage. Since the full album releases so close to the winter holidays, the group includes a Christmas song. Band member, Benny Anderson says, “a number of pop songs” will also be on the album. Benny also says, “I think it’s pretty good. We’ve done as good as we could, at our age.” Surely, it’s spectacular given the immense talent of the quartet.

Other exciting news

This is the first car confession the Sister Wives star has made in a while. The last TV Shows Ace wrote about them were in February. Entertainingly, Christine tries some of her daughter, Ysabel’s, lip plumper. Afterward, Ysabel’s mom gives a comical, yet honest, review of the product.

However, in more recent news, ABBA isn’t the only exciting thing Christine has going on in her life lately. Earlier this week, reports came out announcing the Sister Wives Season 16 release date. This season, fans hope to see some resolution in Christine’s situation. Does she move to Utah like she wants? Will her marriage with Kody get better? Only time will tell.

Are you excited about ABBA’s new album? Are you looking forward to Season 16 of Sister Wives? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Make sure to tune in to TLC on November 21 at 10 PM ET to catch the start of a new season of Sister Wives.

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