Meri Brown Gets Salty, Responds To Rumors About Her Marriage & Family

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Meri Brown got salty with a follower on Instagram regarding her man, marriage, and family. The Sister Wives star doesn’t make a habit of speaking about her personal life on social media. As fans know, she and the rest of her sister wives are under contract. With a new season of the TLC series coming soon, it makes sense that they would be a little wishy washy with what they say on social media.

Meri Brown, however, does have a limit and lines she prefers fans not to cross. Occasionally, the Sister Wives star reaches a boiling point. When this happens, she comes unglued and tends to put fans in their place. This happened recently during an exchange between Meri and one of her followers in the comments on her Instagram post.

What exactly did fans say that caused her to come unglued? And, what did she have to say to dispel rumors about her family and her marriage?

Sister Wives Meri Brown / Youtube
Sister Wives Meri Brown / Youtube

Meri Brown flees the country, fans suspect she’s running from Kody

The Sister Wives star left the country recently. She opened up about her vacation on Instagram. She noted it was a much needed break. Given how hard fans know Meri works on her many different business ventures… It makes sense that Meri would need a break from reality.

Well, I have arrived! Literally just got checked into my suite aka home for the next 6 days. This week is a much needed break and rejuvenation for me. I’m looking forward to just being. Just existing. Just letting go. Not gonna lie, there’s been a few moments of anxiety leading up to this trip, and even a few moments today. It’s a bit strange traveling after all this time. But Cancun, I’m here for you, you’re here for me, it’s gonna be a good week!”

Her Instagram post revealed she would be spending a week in Cancun. She admitted there was a lot of anxiety leading up to going on this trip. She, however, hoped to “rejuvenate” and have a good time.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown - Meri Brown Youtube
Sister Wives – Kody Brown – Meri Brown Youtube


The Sister Wives star gets salty with fans and dispels rumors

Many fans hoped Meri Brown had a great time on her vacation. One, however, seized an opportunity to take a dig at Kody. The fan noted they hoped Meri Brown was able to get far away from the “situation” with Kody. See the original comment on Meri’s profile down below.

I have watched you on Sister wives from the beginning of that series. I truly hope that you are free of that whole situation with [Kody]. You deserve so much more & better. Blessings.”

Now, Meri did not pull punches when responding to this comment. In fact, she got salty with the individual. In her response, she ended up dispelling a lot of rumors that have been going around about her man, her marriage, and her family.

Meri fired back: “That situation? You mean my marriage and my family?”

Meri Brown Screenshot

A lot of Sister Wives fans rushed to Meri’s defense. They noted how “rude” the question was. Some fans thought it was cruel that someone could form opinions based on what little information they got from a TV show. Others, however, noted Meri had a very loose definition of the word marriage.

“In all fairness to the above poster, how is it a marriage when Kody has said over and over on the show that you and he barely even talk let alone enjoy each other’s company,” one fan fired back in defense of the OP.

Some fans doubled down on agreeing that Kody Brown was “trash” and that Meri needed to let go.

Sister Wives Kody Brown
Sister Wives Kody Brown

Are you surprised to see Meri Brown is still defending her man and her marriage? Do you think they are still together? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Brown family.

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