Katie Joy BLASTED For Jealousy Of Jinger’s Husband Jeremy Vuolo

Jeremy Jinger Vuolo

Reality television blogger Katie Joy regularly posts about reality television stars on social media. The blogger’s handle is @withoutacrystalball. A lot of her content is on YouTube. However, Katie Joy has a substantial Instagram following too. As of this writing, she has 47.8K followers. One of those followers blasted Katie Joy for seeming jealous of Jinger Duggar’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

Katie Joy makes a post about Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo

Recently, the self-proclaimed investigative nerd posts a collage of photos featuring Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo. The top left photo is a picture of a car steer wheel. Here, people see the Lexus emblem. Next, the top right photo is Jeremy looking dapper. On the bottom left, is a befuddled Jinger. Lastly, the bottom right photo is Jinger looking annoyed.

Jerermy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar slow down
Instagram Jinger Vuolo

The annoyed expression on Jinger’s face makes sense given the collage’s caption. The blogger writes, “Jinger & Jeremy were snapped by paparazzi.” It’s what the “seeker of truth” writes next that seems to rustle at least one of her follower’s feathers. The rest of the caption reads as follows.

A Duggar with a Lexus

Jeremy still dresses like a grandpa

Jinger, if looks could kill.


Interestingly enough, at the time of this writing, the bottom of the post reads “Comments on this post have been limited.” According to Follow Chain, this means that “the user has controlled who can comment on their posts.” Furthermore, this usually means that “only a selected group of people can comment on their posts.” Most commonly, the select group of people that can comment is the user’s followers. So why would Katie Joy turn on this feature? Did someone’s comment get under her skin? Keep reading to find out.

Fans blast the reality television blogger

From the looks of the follower’s comment, they interpreted the post to have some snark behind it. So, it seems the follower returns fire. They write, “Are you jealous? He’s handsome & can pull any look off.” There’s no argument that Jeremy Vuolo has a unique sense of style. However, more often than not, people think he looks great.

Next, the follower addresses the Lexus comment. The follower speculates that it isn’t a new Lexus. And, as far as Jinger goes, the follower writes, “She’s beautiful & can pull any look off.” In conclusion, the follower writes, “Always mean to them & about them. Be nice & get over it yo.”

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram
Jeremy Vuolo on Katie Joy’s Instagram

However, it doesn’t look like Katie Joy gets over it. She responds with sass. She simply writes, “super jealous. Are you jealous of me?!” accompanied by a cry-laughing emoji.

What do you think about Katie Joy’s response to her follower? You can see the post for yourself here. Do you think Jeremy Vuolo dresses like a grandpa? Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more reality television news.

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