Fans Claim Jeremy Vuolo’s ‘Grandpa’ Style Twins With Pee-Wee Herman

Jeremy Vuolo, TLC

Former Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo’s latest outfit has fans thinking of someone they’ve seen before. His recent fashion choice isn’t going over as well as he might have hoped it would when he got ready in the morning.

The Duggar son-in-law is all dressed up in a suit and bow tie in a recent snap. He’s likely heading to the Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles, California, where he’s studying to be a pastor. In the past, he has shared videos of himself preaching in suits. His wife Jinger was also photographed, but she’s dressed more casually, so it seems like she’s dropping him off at the seminary rather than going somewhere all dressed up with him.

Jinger, Jeremy Vuolo (Counting On)

Some fans believe that Jeremy is one of the more stylish Duggar men. The others seldom dress up and have been slammed for their fashion choices in the past.

But a recent photo of him has fans saying the opposite. The paparazzi snapped a few photos of Jeremy and Jinger getting into their Lexus. Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball reposted the photos, pointing out that “Jeremy still dresses like a grandpa.”

Jeremy Vuolo or Pee-Wee Herman?

In the comments, Counting On viewers point out that Jeremy looks like Pee-Wee Herman in the new photos. One writes, “Jeremy giving Pee-Wee Herman vibes.” Others chime in, adding that they thought the same thing and were looking to see if other fans had commented on it too.

@WithoutACrystalBall Instagram

Someone else gets a different image in their mind when looking at the new snap of Jeremy. They say he looks like “a bland version of Blippi,” who is a children’s TV show character. In a photo a while back, Felicity, Jeremy’s then-two-year-old was wearing a Blippi tee shirt. Another fan thinks he looks like the 11th doctor in Doctor Who.


Jeremy Vuolo Instagram
Jeremy Vuolo on Katie Joy’s Instagram

Plenty more comments about Jeremy’s style are rolling in, and most of them aren’t so positive. A handful of people do like the new look, however. One writes, “He looks like a professor with the bow tie. I don’t hate it tbh 😂”

So, do you think Jeremy Vuolo dresses like Pee-Wee Herman or a grandpa? What do you think of the former Counting On star’s style? Let us know in the comments below.

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