Amy Roloff BLASTED For Disrespecting New Husband Chris Marek

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Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff is blasted just shy of a week after her wedding. Fans feel like she isn’t treating her new husband, Chris Marek properly. That being said, they don’t hesitate to share their thoughts on what is going on in Amy’s life. Keep reading to find out what Amy did to supposedly disrespect Chris.

LPBW fans argue about Amy Roloff’s last name on an unrelated Instagram video

As LPBW fans know, Amy has a segment on Instagram called Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen. Recently, she shares all about Mongolian Beef and Vegetables. Like many of her other cooking videos, Chris is with her. However, it wasn’t anything in the video to have followers call the TLC star out for disrespecting her new husband.

From the looks of the comment section, it appears that people don’t understand that it takes time to change your last name. Also, Amy Roloff may not want to change her name to Amy Marek. There are plenty of reasons why this cooking queen may or may not change her last name.

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It takes just one comment about Amy’s last name before her fans come to her defense. The comment in question reads, “You should drop the name Roloff since you [sic] not married to Matt.” After that, so many people come to the newlywed’s defense.

Is changing your last name due to marriage old-fashioned?

One of the lengthy responses points out that name changing is an old-fashioned thing. Not only that, but the LPBW star’s businesses all have the Roloff name on them. However, on the flip side of that, one comment suggests that Amy doesn’t need the Roloff name for her brand. That comment reads, “Amy’s Little Kitchen is her brand. No need for Roloff, especially since she disparages Matt, the Roloff namesake, so often!”

In addition to the businesses, one fan points out that the mom of four’s last name has been Roloff for 30 years. Furthermore, the fan writes that Amy “doesn’t owe anyone an explanation.”

Little People Big World Amy Roloff disrespectful to Chris Marek
Instagram Amy Roloff

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, Amy Roloff hasn’t responded to the comments. There is also no indication about what her intentions are for her last name. What do you think the bride will do with her last name? Check out the video here. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I give this marriage a year ..I thought he would be the one controlling but he backs down from her..I have never been a fan of Matt..but Matt must have been on to something..did she really give rocks as gifts to her attendees?

  2. Amy Roloff’s business are tied to the Roloff name and it isn’t just a name, it’s a label. Literally. It’s not so easy to sever yourself from that or to recognize that you’ll have a different name than your kids and grandkids. People just need to realize that other people’s lives are just complicated and they shouldn’t judge. Thou shalt not judge, you know? They do a good job. It’s hard and in one way or another, they all do a good job so just give them a break. They are people. People aren’t perfect. Just give them some space to be human, you know?

  3. Amy is very opinionated,about everything,if Chris wants to add his two cents to something it’s always the same thing ” oh no I dont think so” we will see how long he puts up with her crap”

  4. Amy and Chris seemed to get along quite great, and she treated him well UNTIL he proposed. Then she turned into bridezilla! Giving him nothing he wanted for the wedding, saying the wedding was all about her. I was so disgusted! I honestly, thought he should have rescinded his proposal. I think she will ruin the marriage sooner than later with her selfish, bossy attitude. Where did her sweet, loving self go? I liked that Amy! I’m sure he did too!

    1. Amy is showing her true colors. I’ve watched lpbw from the beginning. She started out being pretty decent but just like Kate from the show Jon & Kate plus 8 as soon as the show became popular she started behaving badly! She criticized Matt all of the time for improvements on the farm. She tried to turn the kids against him. She’s messy and if it wasn’t for Chris her house would still be a mess!! Once Chris proposed she started becoming the same Amy that she was with matt. He may divorce her and ask for spousal support and he should get it for putting up with her bossy self!!

  5. I totally agree. Matt couldn’t do anything right according to (controlling) Amy. Now she is doing the same thing with Chris. I hope he opens his eyes. She is so mean and selfish.

  6. Yes Chris is a wonderful man. Amy and ex-husband are both selfish. A farm ultimately made their family come apart.that said, if Amy was able to find such a good husband as Chris, then she must have certain good qualities to inspire a man to fall deeply in love for her, I am glad for her.

  7. First I thought Chris wanted the money Amy was making from the show. Now, after watching the show, I feel Amy should have married someone her own size. Same with Matt, Caryn and him are not a match. Come on people, look for someone your size and move on from there. Your minds need to rethink this out.

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