‘Welcome To Plathville’ Ethan Plath Appears Broken As Olivia Makes Plans To Move On


Welcome To Plathville fans are having a hard time dealing with what appears to be the breakdown of Ethan and Olivia Plath‘s marriage. It is obvious to viewers that all is not well anywhere in Plathville. The Ethan Plath of Season 3 is a very different Ethan from previous seasons. The Plath family struggles continue between Ethan, Olivia and Kim, and Barry Plath. It is taking a toll on every family member, especially Ethan.

While Kim and Barry appear to be making changes for the older siblings visiting with Ethan and Olivia, it is clear that the damage already done is extensive.

Ethan Plath Reveals He Can’t Take Much More

Olivia and Ethan have put their foot down when it comes to Kim’s attempt at controlling them. Kim finally permitted Lydia Plath to visit with her eldest brother and his wife, but somehow still attempted to control the stipulations. Lydia text Ethan claiming she could come to visit; However, Kim needed the car and she would drop her off. This news did not sit well with Ethan at all. He tells Olivia he does not want his mom, whom he is now referring to as Kim, anywhere on their property.

Olivia attempts to work on a compromise, telling her husband she wants to see Lydia. She suggests that Kim drop Lydia at the end of the driveway. However, she feels that neither of them should step outside while she is there.

Olivia Plath Tells Moriah Things Are Bad Between Her and Ethan

Ethan finally agrees, but there is a lot of pain in his eyes. Olivia asks if he is mad at her. Ethan shakes his head no, but the look on his face seems to reveal he is as he walks out of the room. Lydia is ecstatic to see her brother. However, the conversations between the siblings are very awkward. Finally, Lydia attempts to talk with her brother about her relationship. She tells him she decided with her parents to step back a bit from the relationship.

Ethan advises Lydia to take her time and get to know the boy well. He tells her to be careful because no one is really who they first appear to be and people change very quickly.


Moriah and Olivia set out to spend some girl time together. However, the outing quickly becomes uncomfortable between the two women after Olivia turns the conversation into a personal information quest. She asks Moriah if Kim and Barry Plath ever talked with her about s*x. Moriah is uncomfortable talking to Olivia about her intimate relationship with her boyfriend Max. But, Olivia continues to put her on the spot, asking if she has found good birth control.

Did Olivia Cross The Line on Welcome to Plathville?

Moriah quietly reveals she has and then turns the tables on Olivia Plath, asking her the same. Olivia tells her she is not on birth control because it makes her feel bad. She also reveals she suffered a miscarriage.

Olivia adds she was relieved following the miscarriage because she realizes she is not ready to be a mother. However, when her sister-in-law asks how her relationship with Ethan is going, Olivia admits it is not good.

Olivia reveals she has been apartment hunting without Ethan, hinting that things between them may be heading towards a split. Ethan confirms the same during his solo interview, stating he believes that Olivia now wishes they hadn’t married so young.

It is sad to see Ethan Plath looking so broken down over the events of the past couple of years. He seeming looks lost. He feels as if he is losing everything that means so much to him: his relationship with his parents, siblings, and wife.

So how will things work out for Ethan and Olivia Plath? According to a recent Instagram Q&A, Olivia claims, “We are working through a lot right now, but hopefully it will all make us wiser and stronger in the end,” along with a selfie of her and Ethan. 

TLC Welcome to Plathville fans continue to pull for Ethan and Olivia Plath, but so far this season, it looks like they will have a long, tough road to travel if they hope to save their marriage.

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