Uncle Dale Mills Says ‘Rookie Mistake’ Left Adam Busby Bleeding

OutDaughtered Uncle Dale Adam Busby rookie mistake

OutDaughtered fans know that Uncle Dale and Adam Busby enjoy picking on each other. This latest exchange between the brothers-in-law is no different. Keep reading to find out what Uncle Dale is calling a rookie mistake.

Adam Busby gets a CrossFit injury

It is no secret that Adam and Danielle Busby like to keep in shape. On occasion, the couple shares their workouts and what they do to keep fit on Instagram. In one of the OutDaughtered patriarch’s recent Instagram posts, fans learn that he does CrossFit. However, from the looks of his injured palm, it seems like he may have forgotten something crucial for his workout.

OutDaughtered Adam & Danielle Busby
Instagram Danielle Busby

The image is a close-up of Buzz’s left palm. Just under his wedding band, it looks like he has a painful, bleeding blister. In the caption, Adam shares that he “learned a fun lesson.” According to the TLC star, “don’t go to CrossFit without swapping for my @qalo…”  From the looks of Adam’s palm, he is likely regretting not switching his metal wedding band for a silicone one.

Uncle Dale digs at his brother-in-law

To add insult to injury, Uncle Dale chimes in with his thoughts on the situation. Everyone’s favorite uncle simply writes, “Rookie mistake…” While Adam hasn’t responded at the time of this writing, one follower makes a valid point. The follower implies that the quint’s dad knew what he was doing because “the ad got posted.”

OutDaughtered Uncle Dale rookie mistake embed
Instagram: Dale Mills, Adam Busby

While this post isn’t a traditional advertisement, it is easy to see why someone might think that. Not only does Adam give a nod to Qalo, but he lets everyone know he is wearing Bylt Basics. The dad of six writes, “You already know I wasn’t forgetting my @byltbasics performance drop-cut and Active shorts though!”

Danielle gets in on the fun

Not only does Dale dig on his brother-in-law, but Adam also shares that Danielle had to get in on the action too. This information comes in response to a fan comment. The fan writes that this injury is “a CrossFit right of passage.” In response, Adam recounts how his wife attacked him with a spray bottle of peroxide. However, Danielle had her husband’s best interests at heart. Adam explains that the attack was “To make sure I cleaned it good enough.”

OutDaughtered Adam Busby CrossFit injury
Instagram Adam Busby

What do you think about Uncle Dale calling out Adam Busby’s CrossFit rookie mistake? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.

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