Netflix Stephen King Film ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’: Here’s What We Know

Netflix is adapting the short story Mr. Harrigan's Phone by Stephen King

Good news is out for Constant Readers – Netflix is working on a movie adaptation of the Stephen King short story, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone. This marks the streaming channel’s fourth King project, after Gerald’s Game, 1922 and In the Tall Grass.

Netflix to adapt Stephen King story Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone was one of a number of short stories from the Stephen King collection titled If It Bleeds. The film will be written and directed by John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side, Saving Mr. Banks). Hancock also worked on the Netflix film The Highwaymen. On top of that, Ryan Murphy and Jason Blum are teaming up to produce the TV film. Meanwhile, Carla Hacken will also be producing, while Marci Wiseman of Blumhouse Television and Jeremy Gold will executive produce the film.

Netflix is adapting the short story Mr. Harrigan's Phone by Stephen King
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Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is one of a number of projects in the pipeline from Ryan Murphy as part of his overall deal with the channel. His company, Ryan Murphy Productions and Paper Pictures are involved in the film.

What is Mr. Harrigan’s Phone about?

The film is based on the short story of the same name from the Stephen King, New York Times best-selling collection If It Bleeds. The story follows a young boy who befriends an older billionaire living in his small-town neighborhood. When Mr. Harrigan gets his first iPhone, he and the boy began to bond.

However, when the man dies, the boy discovers a startling fact. He finds out that not everything that dies is gone for good. The boy discovers that he is able to communicate with his late friend from beyond the grave. Moreover, when he leaves voicemails on the iPhone that was buried with Mr. Harrigan, he gets a response.

What is the status of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone?

At this early stage, no cast members have been announced for the Stephen King adaptation. However, with Ryan Murphy at the helm, he is likely to bring back many of his regulars from TV series he has produced in the past.

According to issue 1261 of Production Weekly, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is currently set to start production in October 2021 in Connecticut, USA. As yet, there is no news as to how long filming will take.

While obviously at this early stage there is no set release date, it can be assumed that the King adaption will drop sometime in 2022.

About the other Netflix Stephen King adaptations

Stephen King’s Constant Readers will no doubt agree that Netflix’s previous adaptations of their favorite author’s work have been successful. Gerald’s Game built the tension perfectly, as the heroine (Carla Gugino) of the story finds herself handcuffed to a bed. Her husband (Bruce Greenwood) has died, leaving her alone in a remote cottage, far from rescue.

Meanwhile, 1922 was a suitably dark interpretation of the short story of a farmer (Thomas Jane) and his son. When his wife (Molly Parker) threatens to move them to the city, he and his son (Dylan Schmid) kill her.

The film adaptation titled In the Tall Grass tells the story of a brother and sister who hear a boy crying out for help in a field of tall grass. The pair soon realizes they cannot escape and that something evil is lurking in the grass. The film stars Laysla De Oliveira, Avery Whitted, Patrick Wilson and others.

We will keep readers updated as soon as we have more information about Netflix’s adaptation of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone.

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