Another ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Schedule Shakeup, When Is Finale?

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Fans have been watching Bachelor in Paradise on Monday and Tuesday nights for the past two weeks. Now, there is yet another schedule shakeup. When will the drama continue for the rest of Season 7? Keep reading to find out!

When does Bachelor in Paradise air?

The hit reality summer show went to Twitter to share the schedule with fans. After September 6, the remaining episodes of Bachelor in Paradise will air on Tuesday nights for the rest of the season. Beginning September 7, fans will want to tune in on Tuesday nights instead of Mondays. Dancing With the Stars is returning to Monday nights causing the schedule shakeup.

The finale of Bachelor in Paradise will air on September 28. There has been no word on if there will be a live after-show giving updates on the final couples.

Lots of drama to come

There’s still plenty of drama to come. Fans saw things heat up, even more, Tuesday night when Kendall Long showed up on the Mexico beach. Kendall of course is Joe Amabile’s ex. The two fell in love a few years ago in Paradise. Now, Joe seems to be happy and Kendall shows up to cause a little drama. Will they reunite or will they both leave alone? Or will they each find love with someone else?

There are plenty of couples forming on the beach. Noah Erb has been hitting it off with Abigail Heringer. Joe was getting very comfy with Serena Pitt prior to Kendall showing up. Kendall admitted that she still has love for Joe and misses him.  She brought up how they met on Paradise and that when they broke up they were still in love. What will happen with these two?

Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn are also a hot couple. The two had great chemistry on their date. In fact, they became intimate on their first date in the “boom, boom room.” They continue to go strong and fans can’t wait to see how the season finishes up for them.

It’s yet to be seen who Kenny Braasch will end up with. He has a thing for Mari but things aren’t so great with them. However, Demi Burnett showed up and stirred up some drama and a few kisses. Kenny then proceeded to go on a date with Tia Booth. They ended up playing volleyball naked on the beach.

Demi was not happy that Kenny accepted a date with Tia.

The drama continues to heat up in Mexico on Monday and Tuesday night. Stay tuned and don’t miss out on Bachelor in Paradise. 

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