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Tammy Slaton Dead? ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Death Rumor Swirls Again

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1000-Lb. Sisters’ death rumors are swirling again as fans wonder if Tammy Slaton might be dead. As we’ve previously reported, Tammy Slaton’s social media activity has been a bit bizarre as of late. Her TikTok account appears to have been banned for multiple community guideline violations. And, she made the decision not too long ago to wipe her Instagram account completely of all posts. She briefly changed her display name on Instagram as well before changing it back almost immediately.

1000-Lb. Sisters fans strongly suspect Tammy Slaton is on a downward spiral. And, as we’ve also previously reported, fans aren’t really sure if she’s made any progress with her weight loss. Many have taken to her comments to note she looks like she’s put on even more weight. Moreover, fans are devastated to see she’s continuing to post selfies of herself revealing she’s still on oxygen.

A few days ago, however, death rumors started to swirl after one 1000-Lb. Sisters fan noted that Tammy Slaton was dead on Instagram.

1000 lb Sisters Tammy Slaton - Youtube
1000 lb Sisters Tammy Slaton – Youtube

Why do 1000-Lb. Sisters fans think Tammy Slaton is dead this time?

A single comment on Tammy Slaton’s Instagram from a few days ago reported that she was dead. The comment didn’t share any details on how or why. The individual simply noted that Tammy Slaton had passed away. Despite being a new comment on an old post, it quickly flew to the top of Tammy’s comment section as it acquired attention.

Tammy Slaton Instagram
Tammy Slaton Instagram

Tammy Slaton herself shut down the death rumors and quickly confirmed she wasn’t dead. The TLC personality noted it was ridiculous that rumors she died swirled every time she stopped posting on social media for a few days. Presently, Tammy Slaton drops a wave of selfies on Instagram about once a week.

Her selfies don’t usually come with a caption. And, fans have no idea if they are current pictures or old pictures. Some 1000-Lb. Sisters fans suspect Tammy is just posting pictures at random to keep people on their toes until Season 3 drops. After all, her weight loss or lack of weight loss is the primary focus of the series. So, her contract with the network would bar her from posting anything that would reveal how she’s actually doing in regards to her weight loss journey.

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Fortunately, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans can take comfort in the fact that the death rumors are just rumors. Tammy Slaton is not dead. She’s very much alive. Unfortunately, rumors she has passed away will likely continue to swirl from time to time until she loses enough weight to be considered healthy.

Did you think Tammy Slaton passed away? Are you surprised people think she’s dead every time she stops posting? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the TLC personality.

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  1. If tammy was dead Amy would have started another go fund me page for the funeral!!!! She might as well be dead, she doesn’t give a shit if she lives or dies that’s obvious. She needs to be taken off the show. It’s about a weight loss journey not a eat yourself to death and have everyone watch journey!!! I for one don’t want to look at her miserable scowl and watch her make more excuses about how it’s not her fault that she’s gaining weight. She just keeps getting fatter and uglier, we shouldn’t have to watch that.
    Make the show about Chris and Amy,
    at least they are trying, tammy is just a waste of skin….

    1. Yes! Drop Tammy from the show and show us more of Amy and Chris and the rest of the family! I’m sick of Tammy already, she’s disgusting in every way.

  2. Tammy, is not dead!!! She never was going to have surgery! It’s always poor Tammy. Tammy, only needed to stop her bull crap! And lose the weight. She is not even trying to drop the pounds. She eats what she wants and she uses her family like they need to bow down to her. Tammy, get off your ass and walk and do what you have to. Or not they think you’re dead anyway

    1. YES! I agree with the above comments. Tammy has no desire to lose weight, she gets attention for it and gets people to feel sorry for her because she can’t do anything, but that’s her choice. The others in the family have done what they needed to to make changes for their health. But what they do wrong is cater to Tammy. Don’t put up with her tantrums!! If she needs groceries only get what’s the acceptable stuff for the weight loss, if she doesn’t like it to bad, she’ll have to deal with it and do for herself. No one should cook for her or do anything, especially not push her in that chair and injure themselves. She says the electric wheelchair is only selfish to her siblings because they “are lazy and don’t want to push me”. Of course they don’t want to push her!!! She weighs way to much to be pushed around! Take her off the show!

      1. Stop enabling that ugly fat, attention seeking piece of trailer trash! Make her eat stuff that will make her lose weight or make her walk her fat ass to go do shit for herself. Her family is as much at fault as she is. Fat disgusting ugly, inside and out!

  3. It is unanimous— Tammy is out!! She is a horrible example for people on a weight loss journey. Let her self distruct off the air. We want to follow the positive journey of the rest of the family.

  4. Well, obviously none of you had to actually put up with the whirlwind that a narsisistic personality. Listen to her its I or me. Just because she doesn’t have much curb appeal, well that’s up to her. I have seen the goodies guys spending money on a pretty girl. Tammy, step back biotch ! The world is watching, whatcha gonna do girl?
    You are kinda being bent. Its a tired way, rise up. Thirty five year old Woman you should be your best by forty! Get busy! At your age a man bought me a tavern! Yeah, crazy huh? He said a positive attitude will make you a successful person. You can make money by being a pita, but everybody really wants OUR Tammy back! Come back little Tammy! Hey, how about you get to three hundred pounds? Let that be your true goal. Let me take you out for a drink! Yay!

  5. It’s not tammy fault if she 600lb or 650lb,may be somthing happened in her past is driving her to eat. She does not get out of house very much so she has a lot of time to think. Somthing happened in her life. Maybe she can be encourage to go see a psychologist to help her emotional eating.

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