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‘GH’ EXCITING Spoilers: Nina’s Life Unravels As Mike Blows

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General Hospital spoilers for the week of August 30 suggest Nina’s stress level will skyrocket as she tries to handle the Peter and Sonny situation. A new sneak peek shared via Twitter hints at what’s to come and viewers will not want to miss the chaos ahead.

‘Mike’ Wants Answers

The General Hospital preview for the week shows “Mike” pushing Peter for answers. Mike did not miss the major reaction Peter had when first seeing him at the Tan-O in Nixon Falls, and he will want to know what Peter knows. The powerful scene comes as Mike stands behind the bar and Peter faces him. Mike sternly says if Peter knows who he was before he lost his memory, he’d better talk.

Peter doesn’t rattle easily, and he certainly has the upper hand here. During regular times, Sonny’s powerful enough to cause plenty of trouble for Peter should he want. Right now, however, Sonny’s at a major disadvantage, and Peter knows it.

General Hospital Spoilers Suggest Peter Shares Some Information

Teasers hint Peter will provide “Mike” with an answer. However, it’s very likely Peter will make up a story of sorts. There’s little doubt he will hold back the bombshell information that Mike is really Sonny, a powerful mob boss from Port Charles. In addition, General Hospital spoilers detail Peter will let Nina keep her secret for now too. Of course, maintaining his silence comes at a price.

If there is one thing Peter does exceptionally well, it’s using information in ways that serve him well. He didn’t pop up in Nixon Falls expecting to discover Sonny was alive. Now that he has, he’s essentially giddy over knowing he is in this position.

‘Mike’ And Nina’s Relationship Continues To Grow

As Peter joyfully holds this over Nina’s head, General Hospital spoilers reveal she’ll spend more time with Mike. They’ll have an official “date,” detailed SheKnows Soaps, signaling that for now, Sonny still thinks he’s Mike and he first met Nina when she showed up in Nixon Falls.

As General Hospital viewers know, Nina isn’t sitting back and waiting for Peter to destroy her. She reached out to her Aunt Liesel, and they concocted a plan to kill him in St. Lucia. Spoilers indicate she’ll be anxious to get Peter out of town and down to St. Lucia where Obrecht can do the dirty deed.

Can Nina keep herself in one piece as she tries to manage all of this? General Hospital spoilers hint this will not necessarily go well for her. She’s not one to do all that well with keeping massive secrets, especially under pressure. Viewers will see some serious progress on this storyline this week, and big developments are on the horizon.

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