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Exclusive Interview: Chelsea Holmes Of ‘Prisoner Of Love’ Talks Prison Matchmaking

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A new show is coming to discovery+ on Monday, August 30, 2021, and you do not want to miss this one. Prisoner Of Love will focus on matchmaker Chelsea Holmes helping people find love with prisoners. Three episodes drop on Monday and then one a week after that.

Chelsea Holmes of Prisoner Of Love Talks Show

How did you become the prison matchmaker?

“It actually started during a continuing education course, where my professor encouraged us to broaden our circles. I had previously volunteered with a wrongful conviction organization, and I thought it would be great to start a pen pal program with prisoners. So, I started by posting people incarcerated on social media, and people were constantly reaching out to me with questions and before I knew it I was offering to match people.”

Tell me about how you found love with a prisoner?

“I met Manuel when I went to post an inmate on a prison pen pal group on Facebook and saw him and thought he was cute and through his introduction, I could tell he was smart. I immediately wanted to write him. He was the first prisoner I crossed the line with from pen pal to romance, and it was definitely a lot of fun!”

Do any of these relationships work?

“Yes! When dating someone incarcerated they have lots of time to dedicate to getting to know you. So when they do get out you have built a strong mental lasting connection.”

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Who is the couple to watch this season?

“All the couples are so different with interesting stories to follow but I’d have to say Aluntra and Bryce. They have a 4 year relationship behind bars and this is a new chapter in life for them.”

Is This Love After Lockup?

What do you feel of people who will compare Prisoner of Love to Love After Lockup?

“I’m sure lots will compare it to Love after Lockup but this is more like Prison Tinder with matchmaking clients with prisoners. Prisoner of Love is all about the journey – seeing people connect with each other while one is incarcerated. Then, for the lucky ones on season 1 who are released, following the relationship as it blossoms and changes – for better or worse – from outside of prison walls.”

Would you do Season 2 if asked?

“In a heartbeat! This is my life and I would be doing it with or without the cameras anyway, so why not invite y’all in to watch me make some love connections along the way?”

Don’t miss watching Prisoner of Love on discovery+ starting on August 30, 2021.

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