‘Below Deck Med’: Does Malia White Regret Getting Hannah Ferrier Fired?

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Below Deck Med star Malia White is having a serious case of regret. As fans know well, she took part in Hannah Ferrier’s firing during Season 5. The two got along at first. They tried to move past their differences even as they bunked together. Malia even comforted Hannah during her panic attack.

During that moment, Hannah asked Malia for her prescription for Valium. This was unbeknownst to Malia since she didn’t register the medication. She snapped a photo of the Valium along with Hannah’s CBD pen. Episodes later, the two got into an argument over bunking arrangements. Malia sent the photo of Hannah’s belongs, to which Captain Sandy Yawn fired her on the spot.

Malia White talks about her biggest regret

In a new interview, Malia White admitted that she has regrets about turning Hannah in. Below Deck Med fans blamed Malia and Sandy for Hannah’s firing. They even called for Bravo to fire the two from the show. Most felt that it was a slap in the face to mental health. However, Sandy still stands by her decision to this day and claims that Maritime Law was the reason behind it. Also, she felt that she couldn’t trust Hannah any longer and that was the final straw.

Malia spoke to Us Weekly ahead of the latest episode. She admitted that she “could have handled it a lot better.” While she doesn’t “regret” her position of bosun. Still, Malia stands by her decision to report Hannah for not registering her Valium. But she has some regrets over how it was handled.

“I don’t regret doing my job, but I do regret how I handled it,” Malia told Us Weekly. “I do have regrets with how everything went down last season, but I don’t have a regret having to do my job.”


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The bosun wishes she could “handled it a lot better.” Rather, she shouldn’t have gotten involved in the first place. However, Malia found herself in a tough position since she ranks higher than the crew members but is a step below the captain. Malia felt she had to do what was right at that moment.

Does the Below Deck Med star have any other regrets?

That’s not the only regret that Malia has. After a night of drinking, Malia argued with Lexi Wilson who argued with most of the crew. She doesn’t have any regrets about getting emotional during that episode.

“It’s like frustrating tears. Like, here’s this girl I think came in with so many preconceived notions of who I was [and] that is frustrating,” Malia explained. “Like, dude, I hope you get the feeling that I have right now after the show comes out.”

More drama is set to come to the show. Malia will also go head-to-head with Sandy. The two share tension in their relationship. In the meantime, Below Deck Med Season 6 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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