‘LPBW’ Lilah Roloff  Struggles With Stairs, Tori Laughs

Little people Big World - Lilah Roloff - Tori Roloff Youtube

LPBW personality Tori Roloff loves sharing videos and pictures of her adorable kids, Lilah Roloff and Jackson Roloff. Recently the mom of two shared what she no doubt found to be a funny and cute video highlighting Lilah’s latest accomplishments and antics.

However, many Little People Big World fans aren’t finding the humor in the video clip Tori shared. In fact, many fans find Tori’s laissez-faire attitude rather appalling and not doing right by her young daughter.

Little People Big World - Lilah Roloff - Tori Roloff- Amy Roloff - Youtube
Little People Big World – Lilah Roloff – Tori Roloff- Amy Roloff – Youtube

‘LPBW’ Lilah Roloff Goes To The Edge As Mom Giggles

LPBW mom of two Tori Roloff excitedly films her daughter Lilah Roloff’s battle with the flight of stairs in their multi-level home. At first, it appears to be a cute video. After all, Lilah has struggled with mobility issues. It’s taken her longer to develop her motor skills than it did her older brother Jackson. However, once the video starts rolling, we see a very unstable and shakey Lilah Roloff. She stumbles as she looks at the daunting flight of stairs in front of her.

LPBW cutie Lilah Roloff then drops to the floor belly side down and scoots down the stairs backwards. Clearly, the stairs are intimidating to the young Roloff. However, instead of helping her daughter, Tori just says “be careful,” giggles, and continues filming the video. No doubt, this reckless behavior on Tori’s part has Little People Big World fans outraged.

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Little People Big World: Fans Think Tori & Zack Bought The Wrong House

Did  LPBW stars Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff really think about the challenges they and their family would face when they purchased this “move up” house? Many Little People Big World fans think they made an idiotic choice when they decided this was the house to raise their family. Tori is of average size, and so is all her immediate family. However, Zach will always be a dwarf as well, both of their two children. Additionally, both Zach’s parents are little people. So purchasing a house with so many stairs probably wasn’t the best decision Zack and Tori made.

Lilah Roloff Struggles Screenshot

LPBW fans recall Matt Roloff cannot navigate the stairs in Zach and Tori’s home. So the kids are brought to his single-story house when he’s called upon to watch them. Plus, Zach had multiple surgeries on his legs. Now four-year-old Jackson is facing leg surgery in the near future. And let’s not ignore the fact Lilah is struggling with her development. Clearly, this house was a bad idea. Furthermore, Tori’s laid-back hands-off parenting style and her lack of seeing the dangers in their living situation have fans wondering how a mom of a dwarf finds any of these antics funny.

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