‘MAFS’ Spoilers: Did Michaela & Zack Stay Married Or Get Divorced?

Michaela and Zack via YouTube

As fans continue to watch Season 13 of Married at First Sight, they are wondering what will happen with these couples. One particular couple of interest is Michaela and Zack. These two hit it off instantly. There was chemistry, attraction and both seemed to be smitten. They also had a few hiccups. Now, many are wondering if it was all too good to be true or if they are still happily married and in love.

Are Michaela and Zack still together?

Starcasm is sharing some interesting details and clues about whether or not Michael and Zack are still together. First of all, these two didn’t have the best honeymoon. Of course, that wasn’t their fault. Just two days after being MAFS, Zack was diagnosed with COVID. He shared with his new wife that he had been exposed to someone who tested positive. After their honeymoon hotel night, Zack didn’t feel so hot. In fact, he felt so ill he decided to grab a rapid COVID test. It was positive.

Michaela also tested and hers was negative. Since she was negative, she went home to Houston and Zack stayed in Florida to quarantine and heal. She admitted to feeling angry and sad over the whole ordeal. Zack promised to make it up to her and hoped she wouldn’t resent him for ruining their honeymoon.

Since the details emerged that Michaela was allowed to fly following her exposure to a positive COVID person, the show has been getting backlash.

Are they together or apart?

The two eventually got to reunite and get acquainted. Michaela and Zack even shared details during a recent tell-all with Jamie Otis about their first time being intimate. Zack said, “Last night, we discovered yet another reason why we’re a great match, and I’m not going to get into it because it’s kind of inappropriate. But let’s just say if last night keeps happening, I’m going to die a happily-married man — sexually.”

Michaela went deeper into how it all happened. She said, “It’s funny though. So I had gotten waxed for my wedding and the lady put a heart down there, and she laughed. So I was telling Zack this story and he was like, ‘Let me see, let me see!'”

These two seemed so perfectly matched. However, rumors are soaring they don’t make it past decision day. Michaela is seen on social media with no ring on her finger. She quoted a JayZ song saying, “But life is short, and it’s time to be free. Love who you love because life isn’t guaranteed.” This is a huge indication the two broke up.

Plus, a fan Instagram account noted that Zack was spotted at Bush Airport holding hands with another girl. The woman was not Michaela.

What do you think happened between these two? They seemed so into each other.

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