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‘The Witcher’: Henry Cavill Explains Near Career-Changing Injury

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When The Witcher’s Henry Cavill was injured last December, very little information was forthcoming. However, now, the actor that portrays mutant Geralt of Rivia is sharing how this particular injury nearly altered his career, forever.

Moreover, Cavill also shared how this injury on The Witcher set prompted more tweaks to his already challenging workout routine.

How Did Henry Cavill Get Hurt?

Last December, while Henry Cavill was filming The Witcher Season 2, he suffered a then-undisclosed injury. Reports stated that he was high-flying, 20-feet into the air, hooked up with a safety harness.

However, when he came down, something very serious happened. he was unable to put weight on his leg, nor walk. Brutal sword-wielding Geralt of Rivia certainly does not limp!

Despite having previously been active on his Instagram account, Cavill remained pretty quiet during his injury period. But, on April 15, in a sponsored post with MuscleTech, where he is now Creative Director, the Man of Steel actor described his injury. He also shared an amusing video of his workout, which over four million viewers have already checked out.

He explained that this was a hamstring injury, with a Grade 2B tear. Cavill was told that had it been any worse, this would have been a rupture. That means the tendon and muscle would leave the bone. Moreover, that means a long recovery period. That would have been disastrous for the Netflix series, especially as there had already been so many delays due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Witcher’s Henry Cavill Opens Up About On-Set Injury

This past week, The Witcher’s Henry Cavill opened up about the severity of his injury to TV Insider. “I can probably say this was the worst injury I’ve had on set. I’ve had a partial tear of my LCL before, but the grade 2 tear of my hamstring was pretty serious. That could have been a career changer.”

He went on to explain how Netflix “looked after” him. That included sending Freddie Murray, a top-notch physical therapist. Eventually, he got back on set. He explained that he needed to find a happy medium.

“It was all about finding that balance between making sure recovery was happening efficiently and also that I was able to shoot and do what I needed to do. Yes, I wasn’t sprinting for a while, I wasn’t running, [but] once we got off those crutches, it was about finding a balance between walking and that all the right fuel was going in. “

The Henry Cavill fandom is well aware of and inspired by The  Tudors’ star’s positive mindset. While this injury physically took him down, it made him a stronger person. He explained to People “I want to build a better engine.”

“One of the things my physical therapy for my hamstring showed me was that I have a lot of capacity in my engine but I have not accessed it. And it’s something which I really want to build upon.”

Moreover, what is especially important is that Cavill continues to do his own stunts in other projects. For example, he has just begun to film the Matthew Vaughn-directed super-spy thriller, Argylle. That means that Henry has been dedicated to training for the stunt scenes in this movie.

Since one of his co-stars is John Cena, it would seem likely that the two will be fighting each other. Henry needs a powerful engine to battle the likes of this WWE star!

Henry’s Wig Worn On The Witcher Creates Havoc

For those inquiring minds, why was Henry wearing a hat indoors, for this video? Cavill shared the distressing news that his infamous curls “looks like a rat lives in it.” That is because he has to wear his Geralt wig five to six days a week.

Will Netflix Renew The Witcher Season 3?

So far, Netflix has not renewed The Witcher Season 3. Just last week, Showrunner Lauren Hissrich inked a deal with Netflix. However, this could be any project.

Moreover, she explained that for the streaming service to renew The Witcher for another season, there has to be a lot of viewers. Season 1 had 75 million viewers, making it the top series at that time.

However, last December, Bridgerton had a few million more viewers. Now, Season 2 has to have more viewers than the first season. That is asking a lot, especially considering most second seasons see a drop in viewers.

This means that if fans want more, they will have to rally around and support their favorite show. They will also need to entice other households to watch as well.

Henry Cavill and the rest of The Witcher cast gave over 100 percent. Cavill suffered a near career-changing injury to bring Geralt fully to life and to do all of his own stunts, including complex sword-work.

Now, it is time for fans to show the same support.

When Is Netflix Dropping The Witcher Season 2?

The Witcher Season 2 drops on Friday, December 17. For those who demand some visual evidence of Henry Cavill’s upgraded fitness routines, there will be no Geralt bathtub scenes. But the actor has assured fans, there will still be “plenty of man-flesh to be observed.”

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