Will Lauren Caldwell Be The Next Jana Duggar After Failed Engagement?

Lauren Caldwell (Caldwell family Instagram), Jana Duggar Instagram

Is Lauren Caldwell on her way to becoming the next Jana Duggar? Some Counting On viewers are beginning think so. For those who don’t know, Lauren is the sister of Kendra Caldwell, who married Joe Duggar.

Since Joe and Kendra got married, Lauren has popped up on social media here and there. So, some Counting On fans have begun to keep up with Lauren and the rest of her family.

Duggar fans may recall that Lauren was engaged to a man named Titus Hall last October. Shortly after the Caldwells made this announcement, all of the posts including Titus disappeared. Plus, Lauren hasn’t worn her engagement ring in any recent photos. So, it’s safe to assume the engagement has been called off. 

Caldwell Family Instagram (Michelle Duggar)
Caldwell Family Instagram

Why might Lauren Caldwell be like Jana Duggar?

As we’ve reported, Lauren’s failed engagement happened nearly a year ago. In that time, there has been no word of a courtship. On Reddit, one user asked, “Could Lauren Caldwell become the next Jana because her next engagement means confronting the failure of the first?”

Plenty of other users agree with this statement and could see it happening. After all, Christina Caldwell is still having children and could use Lauren’s help at home, some users think. Jana is a big help at Jim Bob and Michelle’s home, so Lauren might assume the same role, one Duggar Snark speculates.

But Lauren is still very young. She celebrated her 21st birthday this year. On the other hand, Jana is 31 years old. So, there’s quite a contrast.

Only time will tell if Lauren stays single for the next decade like Jana has.

Could Lauren Caldwell become the next Jana because her next engagement means confronting the failure of the first?
by u/SeaworthinessKey7084 in DuggarsSnark

Are these two women currently courting anyone?

As far as we know, Lauren isn’t courting anyone. But her family has been very quiet on social media lately. They also didn’t announce her first courtship until Titus had popped the question. After a failed engagement, it’s possible the family won’t share any updates until Lauren is in another serious relationship. She has been linked to several Duggar men, but nothing has come from that…yet.

As for Jana, it looks like she could be in a relationship with Stephen Wissmann. Rumors about this pair have flown for months. Still, the Duggars haven’t confirmed a courtship. The past few relationships in the family have been kept under the radar for some reason, so the same could be true for Jana. While there are hints that Jana and Stephen could tie the knot sometime this year, it’s all speculation.

So, do you think that Lauren Caldwell will be the next Jana Duggar? Or do you think the women will both fall in love soon enough? Let us know in the comments below.

For more news about the Duggar and Caldwell families, check back with TV Shows Ace.

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