Don’t Expect Katie Thurston & Blake Moynes To Get Married Soon, Here’s Why

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Bachelor Nation fans got their engagement during Bachelorette Season 17. Now they want a wedding. But according to Katie Thurston, she won’t be marrying Blake Moynes any time soon. Find out what’s keeping the couple from saying ‘I do.’

Blake Moynes Preps for Africa Trip? 

While viewers like to joke that Blake Moynes is unemployed, he actually has a career in wildlife management. In fact, his devotion to animals was one of the things about him that Katie found irresistible. With the show behind them, both Blake and Katie are getting back to their ‘normal’ lives. 

Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram
Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram

For Blake, that means resuming his career helping animals. On After The Final Rose, he mentioned an upcoming trip to Africa. The trip may be happening sooner rather than later. Blake took to his Instagram last week to ask for dog sitting or fostering recommendations. 

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes Won’t Marry Soon – Here’s Why 

Katie Thurston made it clear to her suitors that she expected an engagement at the end of The Bachelorette. Her demands were met when Blake Moynes dropped to one knee to propose to her. She happily accepted. 

However, fans shouldn’t hope for a wedding any time soon. Katie shared a screenshot on her Instagram Stories of a text thread with her sister. Her sister asked “how soon” Katie and Blake plan to marry. 

In her response to her sister, Katie wrote, “Not soon at all.” Why not? Because “he’s Canadian.” 

What does Blake’s nationality have to do with marriage? A lot. According to Katie, the couple has “a lot to work through” before they get married. 

Katie did, however, agree with her sister’s assessment that Blake is hot. “Yea, he is,” Katie said. 

Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram
Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram

Will the couple live in Canada or the U.S.? That’s one of the issues that Katie and Blake likely need to work through before marriage. Katie recently spent some time in the Toronto area with Blake. 

However, she is in the process of moving from Washington to San Diego, California. Us Weekly reports that Blake will join her in the U.S. “in a few weeks.” For how long is anyone’s guess. 

For now, it seems Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston are enjoying their engagement. Do you think they will get married eventually? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Don’t forget to tune in to Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette airing this fall. 

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