‘Bringing Up Bates:’ Kelton Balka’s Disturbing Message To Toddler Daughter Willow Resurfaces

Bringing Up Bates Josie Balka Instagram

Bringing Up Bates star Kelton Balka, the husband of Josie Bates is taking the heat for a strange message he shared on social media. He dedicated a post to his toddler daughter, Willow, on her birthday in July, but it has recently resurfaced.

He shared a few photos of himself and his daughter on her birthday, and he also wrote a lengthy message for her to read when she gets older.

In his post, he wrote, “Willow, thank you for making me a dad. God has used you to change my perspective on life and I love you more than I knew could be possible. Among other things, I pray every day for you that you would grow up to love and serve Jesus with all your heart and I pray for you and your future spouse, that you would remain pure until marriage and that the Lord would prepare your hearts for each other. ”

Josie Bates Instagram (Josie Bates pregnancy)
Josie Bates Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fans find the message ‘creepy’

On Instagram, a fan submitted an anonymous confession to Duggar Bates Confessions. The confession reads, “Kelton’s birthday post for Willow was extremely disturbing. Why is he so concerned with a two year old’s purity? That’s disgusting.”

In response to the confession, other fans are chatting about Kelton’s post and how they feel about it. Many think it was “strange,” “creepy,” or “disgusting.”

One fan is especially upset and comments, “Kelton, you are a sick Dad! There are much sweeter things to say to a toddler! You worry me, sir, bigtime! UGH! Always felt bad vibes with this guy! MAJOR bad vibes! Sicko!”

Another adds, “Yeah this post was sick af Who in their right mind is wishing purity until marriage on a 2 year old. These creeps need to stop posting their weird comments like this or everyone’s gonna be getting josh vibes from them!

Someone else writes, “Stay a virgin, your future spouse DESERVES it! Oh, and by the way happy birthday two year old! Gross. That whole thing is just gross.”

Duggar Bates Confessions

So, do you agree that Kelton Balka talking about his daughter Willow’s purity is “disgusting,” especially since she’s so young? Or do you think it’s okay? Let us know in the comments below.

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You can read Kelton’s full birthday post for Willow here.

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  1. People who don’t have parents who pray for them from birth for God to guide them in all areas of their life obviously do not understand his post. If he waits to pray for her purity until she is a teenager, it will likely be too late. Be offended by something else.

  2. If you will read more closely he stated in the message for her to read when she gets older. There is nothing creepy, strange or upsetting about a father praying for her daughter to remain pure until she is married. That is exactly how God planned for it to be. God created the marriage institution. This world would be a better place if every father showed this much concern about their daughters! Shame, shame, shame to those who thought his message was anything but loving!

  3. The people who thinks that is creepy, there is something wrong with them. Goodness, people getting offended at this is sick. I’m amazed at some of the stuff people are calling creepy. Leave this couple alone.

  4. I pray for all those things everyday for my children. There is nothing disgusting or disturbing about it. Seek the Lord with all your heart. Once you do, you will understand. It’s your choice to follow the Lord or not as it’s your choice to be a Bates fan.

  5. I think it is wonderful that a dad shows love and concerns for their child’s future,so may God bless you and your family and stay strong

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