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Uncle Dale Mills & Kenzie Transcend Reality TV, Featured In Commercial

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Uncle Dale Mills and his daughter Kenzie transcended reality TV recently and were featured in a commercial. Referred to on OutDaughtered by the Busby quints as Uncle Doofus, Dale took to his official Facebook page with 81,000 followers to reveal he and Kenzie were in a commercial.

Uncle Dale Mills and Kenzie participate in TikTok trend

It was about a month ago that Kenzie and her father Dale Mills participated in the “fancy life” trend on TikTok. The trend involves doing a very specific dance to the song. The lyrics of country singer Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like” hit includes the name of the dining establishment Applebee’s. Turns out, it was Hayes and his 15-year-old daughter, Lela, that actually popularized the TikTok trend and dance.

Applebee’s utilizes the trend in a smooth marketing campaign

Applebee’s took advantage of the fact that TONS of TikTok users participated in this trend and turned it into a very smooth marketing campaign. A campaign that included a commercial featuring tons of video clips from TikTok users participating in the “Fancy Like” dance trend.

Uncle Dale Mills Instagram
Dale Mills Instagram

Applebee’s smooth marketing campaign includes bringing back the Oreo Cookie Shake for just $2.99. For those who are familiar with the lyrics, this tasty frozen treat is also featured in the song. So, it was a smooth move for the dining establishment to bring the treat back the same day they debuted the “Fancy Like” commercial.

OutDaughtered fans spot Uncle Dale Mills and Cousin Kenzie

OutDaughtered fans were quick to take notice of Kenzie and Uncle Dale Mills’ brief appearance in the commercial. Many fans took to Uncle Dale’s various social media accounts to admit they spotted him before he shared the commercial on Facebook.

Uncle Dale screenshot

Disappointed, many OutDaughtered fans admit they were a bit bummed Uncle Dale and Kenzie’s segment in the commercial was so brief. Likewise, it was pretty small as they were one of three video clips on the screen at the same time during a VERY brief moment. Fans took to his comments on Facebook to note how excited they were to see him and Kenzie. They, however, think Applebee’s should have used more of his clip.

Do you think it is cool that Kenzie and Uncle Dale Mills of OutDaughtered transcended reality TV and landed in a commercial? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on the OutDaughtered family.

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