Jedidiah Duggar VIOLATES Sister Jinger Vuolo’s Privacy Request

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It looks like Jedidiah Duggar might not be on great terms with his sister Jinger Vuolo. He may have done something that she’s not okay with, which could be causing some conflict in the family. What happened?

As fans know, Jedidiah recently married Katey Nakatsu. Jinger’s daughter Felicity, 3, filled the role of flower girl at the wedding. Recently, a video from the wedding was released, and Felicity is visible. This goes against Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s rules for their daughters’ privacy though.

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram, Jinger Vuolo
Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

This isn’t the first time a family member has ignored Jinger and Jeremy’s request to keep their kids’ lives private. Anna Duggar shared a photo of the youngest girl cousins at the wedding, and Felicity and Evangeline are pictured.

Anna Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar Instagram

Jinger Vuolo chooses to respect her daughters’ privacy.

In the fall of 2020, Jinger and Jeremy stopped sharing so many posts about their daughters. They began posting photos that didn’t show their kids’ faces. When questioned about it, Jinger shared an explanation, writing:

“The girls are doing great! Felicity is absolutely smitten by her little sister and Evy adores Felicity. You haven’t seen much of them simply because we are wanting to give them a bit more privacy while they’re so young.”

Did Jedidiah Duggar ignore his sister’s request?

On Instagram, a Duggar fan submitted a post to Duggar Bates Confessions, talking about Felicity being a part of the wedding video.

The user shared a screenshot from the wedding video and wrote, “Jed and Katey did NOT respect J&J’s wishes in this video bc this is OBVIOUSLY Jer and Felicity.”

Other fans commented and shared their thoughts about the confession. One offers a possible explanation, writing, “Or…they asked them if it was okay and Jinger & Jeremy said yes. OR…Jinger & Jeremy agreed to allowing Felicity to be the flower girl knowing it would be filmed, as all Duggar weddings are.”

Someone else chimes in, “Maybe they approved it? We don’t know, so let’s not just assume.”

Duggar Bates Confessions

We don’t know for sure how Jinger and Jeremy feel about Felicity being in the wedding video. And right now, the family is keeping pretty quiet. So, we may never know if Jedidiah and Jinger are truly on poor terms.

So, do you think Jedidiah Duggar intentionally ignored Jinger Vuolo’s request? Or do you think Jinger is okay with it since this was a special occasion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Aubrey Chorpenning


  1. I think Jinger has been
    In LA too long. What is the point of hiding the babies when they are this small. Been watching the Duggars since the very beginning.
    Every baby, shower, delivery etc. and watched them grow.
    The point of the show
    Being Faith, Fellowship
    And being fruitful and multiplying.
    Not interested in crap they want to hock on the internet.
    I stop following anyone who hide their child for attention.

  2. She shouldn’t have put her in the wedding. Not sure what Jinger and Jeremy’s issue are but they are not, nor will they ever be Hollywood elite.

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