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‘General Hospital’ Jerry Jax Back? Sebastian Roche Shares Ominous Post

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Could villain Jerry Jacks pop up soon to wreak havoc on the residents of Port Charles once again? General Hospital fans speculate that from time to time, and there is never any shortage of ways the character could shake things up again. A recent Instagram post from actor Sebastian Roche is sparking a fresh round of speculation.

Jerry Jacks’ Whereabouts Are Unknown

As Soaps in Depth noted, Jerry is on the run, as far as anybody knows, and has been for a few years now. The last that viewers knew, he had escaped Steinmauer Prison in 2019. He’d been there after his antics in 2015 where he’d held Robin prisoner. Jerry escaped death multiple times in the years prior to that, and he always seems to land on his feet again.

General Hospital spoilers have not necessarily hinted at Jerry’s return anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean viewers don’t have plenty of storyline ideas.

Could Jerry Be Tied To Drew’s Captivity?

One way writers could pull Jerry back into the thick of things now would be to connect him to the Drew saga. Last week, a not-so-dead Drew called Sam. Now it’s known he’s being held captive somewhere. However, it’s not yet known who orchestrated it.

At least a few fans wonder if the guard seen with Drew provides a hint of Jerry’s involvement. “Based on the accent, could the guard’s boss [be] Jerry Jax?” one fan speculated on Twitter. Someone else pointed out Roche was on the show Big Sky last season and may not be available. Despite that, it’s possible Roche could squeeze in a quick storyline arc.

Credit: Sebastian Roche/Instagram
Credit: Sebastian Roche/Instagram

The guard’s accent sparked that idea with a few other viewers too. There are other ways to bring Jerry into the current action on General Hospital, of course. However, the Drew situation seems ripe for involvement by a villain like Jerry.

A Big Tease From The Former General Hospital Actor Himself

Credit: Sebastian Roche Instagram
Credit: Sebastian Roche Instagram

A new Instagram post by Roche generated some buzz over the weekend. The post contained a selfie of the actor and he teased there was a secret project in the works.

“Are you scared yet? You will be,” he wrote in the caption.

The background of the photo doesn’t appear General Hospital related. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It may well be that Roche is working on a secret project completely unrelated to the role of Jerry. Even if that’s the case, some of his followers still hoped this tied to Jerry in some sense.

“This doesn’t look like the #GH set!?” commented one person.

Roche probably will share specifics regarding this secret project soon. He might not be returning to General Hospital at this point. Despite that, fans think it’s time for another round of Jerry’s evil antics.

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  1. Don’t think we need his evil character back . Certainly have enough going on . To much going on as it is . Let us enjoy what’s happening now. Finish story lines then maybe .

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