Lifetime’s Angelic ‘Highway To Heaven’ First Look Video Released

Lifetime, Highway to Heaven-

Lifetime has remade Michael Landon’s angelic and iconic Highway To Heaven. This movie is an updated version of the classic Michael Landon series.

The First Look video is now available. This classic remake stars Grammy winner Jill Scott (Why Did I Get Married?, First Wives Club), Barry Watson (7th Heaven, Boogeyman), Yoshié Bancroft (Emily Owens M.D., Aurora Teagarden Mysteries), Ben Daon (The Mysterious Benedict Society, Broken Diamonds), Victoria Bidewell (Riverdale, Good Luck Chuck), Andy Thompson (Upload, A Million Little Things), Chris Wood (The Baker’s Son, The Christmas Doctor), Adam Kozlick (The Flash, Project Blue Book), and Ashley Ross, and Robert Moloney in their first roles.

What do we know about the remake?

What Is Lifetime’s Highway To Heaven About?

This is what we know about Lifetime’s Highway To Heaven. According to The Futon Critic, Angela Stewart (Scott), an angel who is sent back to earth to help others in need. She can see and do things that normal humans cannot do. Moreover, she uses these powers to help heal people.

Subsequently, Angela takes on the role of a temporary school counselor. Here, she finds herself working alongside junior high school principal Bruce Banks (Watson). He warns her that this is only a temporary position. However, Angela sees this differently. “A few weeks is enough to change a life.” Angela is ready to start her new job now.

Soon, Angela intervenes in the lives of a troubled student Cody (Daon), his father Jeff (Moloney), and his aunt Vanessa (Bidewell). All three are grieving the tragic loss of Cody’s mother, Melissa (Ross).

Angela gives Cody a letter from “beyond.” The result is a miracle.

When Bruce learns of the divine nature of Angela’s work, he is stunned. The principal sees that Angela seemingly works miracles with Cody. He thinks she is a unicorn. Moreover, Angela realizes she needs to correct him. Angela tells Bruce she is an angel. Subsequently, Bruce finds her confession pretty hysterical.

However, Angela knowingly tells him, “My boss has such big plans for you.”

Modernized Version Of Iconic Michael Landon Series

Lifetime’s Highway to Heaven is inspired by Michael London’s original 80s NBC television series. In addition, this beloved series ran for five seasons, between 1984-1989. Michael Landon portrayed the angel, Jonathan. In the 100+ episodes, Jonathan helped out those who needed that extra bit of help. He helped people heal and find hope again.

However, Lifetime has modernized it for its current audience. Moreover, the network wants Landon’s vision of hope and encouragement to remain. They wish to share emotional stories that have some humor, mingled with tears.

These are stories about people that viewers can relate to. Moreover, these feel-good stories are inspirational and needed during this challenging time in the world.

When Is Lifetime’s Highway To Heaven Premiering?

Lifetime’s Highway to Heaven premieres on Saturday, November 6, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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